BBC Sherlock; Irene Adler Character Review

BBC Character Review; Irene Adler

Classical Irene Alder;

Irene is described as in one workAccording to the king, she had “the face of the most beautiful of women and the mind of the most resolute of men” Irene during this time period is what woman were on the outside but she was much more than she appeared to be. Irene was set in the 19th century but she was a woman made for any time period with her mind. Irene was not written in the 21st century but she certainty fits in perfectly. She was made to be a character in which there is more than meets the eyes. While Irene Adler looked to be a beautiful, graceful and talented singer she was much more. Irene had intelligence that most men could not see through her beauty which was something Irene knew and used to her advantage if the time called upon it. Irene Adler was a lady of her time with the mind to surpass what was meant to hold her back during her time. Irene as they state has the beauty of a woman and the mind of men.

BBC Sherlock; Irene Adler;

Irene in this restored version of Sherlock is an updated Irene Adler made for the 21st century. Irene is a dominatrix whom at one points state’s she is gay but her interaction with Sherlock shows an attraction, which leads me to believe she is either playing everyone as she can or she is bisexual however it doesn’t bother me either way.

Irene in both versions is a woman of beauty & intelligence & she knows it. Irene is a capable woman who knows who she is and what she wants. Lara Pulver plays her well and I enjoyed seeing her on screen. Irene shows she isn’t afraid which by the original story is clear too; she isn’t afraid to get what she wants and then move on.  Irene walks in naked to see Sherlock which I think rather than makes her seem trashy as most believe, shows Sherlock she knows what she has and how to use it. She also shows him then and there right away that she can play his game as well if not better than he. She brings forward her sexual appeal not to distract Holmes by it because she knows he’s too smart for that but to let him possibly believe she has nothing to hide which later on he realizes is false.  Irene Adler wants to try and throw Sherlock off.  [I will not ruin the episode but once Sherlock is on the plane; he realizes he has been played and beaten]

Side note on Sherlock being beaton, while in the novel Irene Adler leaves before Sherlock finds out the truth, she however leaves him a message. [In the show she’s there when he finds out as she explains everything through her converstation with Mycroft] I’ve researched a lot of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s works and the novel especially with Irene Adler in it. It states that she leaves him a letter explaining how she outwitted him. [Though in the novels she remarries and is happy with her husband, while in the episode she’s in that is not the case]

Moving on

This version of Irene Adler is strong in both her mind and spirit, she knows she’s beautiful and knows she’s not just what everyone see’s on the outside. She can again in this version fool you with her beauty because even today people don’t believe a pretty face holds an intelligent mind. I like Irene Adler in general and in this version because she really makes you think you have it all figured out until the end, she is a character that I title as “More than meets the eye.” Irene is that statement and the portrayal of her in BBC is wonderful. I like what they did with her in this restored version of Sherlock and did not at all think she was trashy, I found her right away the beautifully talented Irene Adler as she is supposed to be. I feel and believe more women should feel empowered by Lara’s portrayal of Irene Adler rather than offended, she is proud of her body and herself, something we should learn from!

I salute you BBC and bless you Irene Adler for being such a wonderful character.

Thank you Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, for creating such a complex and spirited character.


2 thoughts on “BBC Sherlock; Irene Adler Character Review

  1. divinerush ღ says:

    I completely agree. She’s a brilliant character, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a fantastic writer & like you said having him show off Irene outwitting Holmes made the story even better. He created such rich characters in which their depths can continue to be explored and amaze!

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