From Bliss to Ignorance Within Our Hearts


There’s a difference between opinions and discourtesy. To judge someone over something you have no control over or even truly have all the facts on is never right besides if it doesn’t affect you personally than just move on. You can have an opinion as we all deserve to have one however; to assume you know the whole truth and voice it really shows your ignorance to those around you.

I feel sad sometimes and no we’re not going to bring up mean girls and having so many emotions. I simple mean sometimes people generally make me feel sad because of how they treat those around them. I recently read some things and seen some people I know say some unbelievable things to others who they hardly know the full story about.

I gather we all look at an issue and quickly put together an opinion and we don’t bother keeping an open mind on certain issues but that’s not the issue. I think when you voice your opinion on a matter that you don’t know anything about is really rude and shows how ignorant you are to the issue at hand. If you don’t know full story it doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to an opinion, or even the right now to voice it, I however find that you should be content with your decision if you’re going to voice it and be sure you have the facts straight before you do.

No one’s perfect and we all make mistakes. I of course have made quick judgments on things too but I have the maturity to understand I may be wrong on some areas of my opinion and take into consideration the other side’s view points. I am saddened today that as we continue to grow people seems to be very closed off and generally do not care about other people’s feelings when they voice their own.

I do not understand how we as humans with the ability to change and grow have turned so such hate upon those around us. I use hate because mean is not a strong enough word to use. We walk past those in need of help, those being bullied, and even believe that it’s their fault half the time for things. In the end it all just makes me sad to see that as a whole, as the one being that has a heart able to change we continue to disrespect one another in such awful ways.

I wish sometimes we could take a moment and sit back before we go ahead and make a rash decision, or comment. In those moments when you see something that kind of makes you sit back and go “How on earth could someone say that?” It really makes me sit back myself and think about what kind of people we’re living among. How on earth does someone go ahead and do some of the things they do? I wonder really how we don’t seem to think anymore…

Though I suppose we cannot have a world of good without evil. I just am starting to worry… that this time good will not win this war.

At the end of all this rambling I simply hope that every once in a while you could sit back and think about those around you. Think before you comment and believe you know the full story of someone’s life; think before you make a decision or judgment. You never truly know the truth so before you assume you do think. Think about those involved, think about them before you put forward your opinions.

Think about someone else other than yourself today, and see through someone else’s eyes, walk in their shoes even. We all have a story, we all have a past but right now we’re in the present so in the future think. Just think today, everyone, about those around you, rather than yourself.



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