Malfunctioned Heart

Love from the heart, isn’t always true on one’s part.

A soul damaged from the start, can be found to fault.

The desire of the fault, lies within the heart.

A love so strongly bound; is hardly ever found.

To fight with such guarantee to end up to be, is truly worth acting upon.

A broken border; crossed the lines of risking all to be one.

A risk taken but not pushed; with now haunting regrets.

She whispers into his ear, the permanent feelings; no force could steal.

With good intentions; the wounds slice inside –

The broken arties are seeping out; visible to the eyes of one beholder.

The one who stands before her soul; reads the words her heart calls out; for her empty lungs could not, speak.

For the grip of another was to strong for the breaths to escape. He knows the truth; a beautiful tragedy lies within such honesty, of the heart.  A single love, trapped on paper with the final strokes of a pen.

They come to realize such love, must be postponed


Written words are nothing compared to the loss of fighting for love & ending up with a broken heart. Don’t push away the one’s who love you. Don’t give up without a fight so then one day you can’t look back and wonder what if. If you give your all at least you tried and eventually you’ll stand up even stronger…


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