Be That Of What You Wish; Not What You Fear

When am I going to be free of you

This monster that lives inside of me.

You claw at my mind, rip open my heart

The wounds they’re bleeding internally.

I feel it all; the monsters wrath.

Oh help me please.

This monster inside of me is eating me alive.

I’m scared of what I’m becoming.  I’m scared of what takes over.

In the dark hours of the night, I’m no longer myself.

The room it doesn’t move, but the creature you see

It’s not me.

I’ve fallen to defeat, creature inside of me

Oh how you deceive those around me with your tricks.

I fought long and hard but it’s all out of my control.

You slipped inside the cracks of this broken form

That feels no power expect when you roam.

Oh help me please.

This creature, is me

X . x . x . x . x . x . x . X
To remember to always believe in yourself and never give up fighting. Sometimes it’s hard to fight alone, so allow you’re heart to love and find who you are through the journey of life.

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