L o v e of the O n e

So how do you know you’re alive; when you can’t even feel a single heart beat as you lay wide awake, watching the world crash down before you… As you see the truth of who you are inside.

There’s a soft cry in the night of a damaged soul

Whose heart fell so deep; it’s lost in a dark place

A set of eyes, wandering for a secure place; a home to keep sane.

Nothing seems true, Not even you. You whisper sweet words into my ear; you got a grip on my heart. Holding me down on the ground.

I gather, you’re the one. The one who’s got me, heart and soul.  Body and mind.

A feeling takes over and I fear if I realize what you mean; I’ll drown in this emotion. You hold my hand, I pull away.  You stand your ground; look me in the eyes and tell me – you’re not going to back down.

I fight with all my might. Your kisses weaken me but you know I’ll try and you don’t mind. I look at you and wonder when you’re going to leave. Promising forever – doesn’t mean much to me.

You look at me, and promise to stay as long as our forever is.

The night falls & so do the walls.

I couldn’t ask for anything more.  I can’t even begin to comprehend you and your ways of being with me. It will never make sense but that seems to be why we are where we are. Gota say, I don’t understand why you fight for me using all your might to put up with the likes of someone like me.

You; are the one fear I have, you are the only thing I desire.

Just know you’re the best thing, the only one; I love.


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