Salvation for the Heart

“Heartache is the soul’s worst punishment because you live in pain, where if you’re heartbroken you’re no longer living, you’re dead.

It’s a thought that’s crossed my mind with those around me lately. The heartache they feel is overwhelming to me. Maybe I’m insane, maybe I’m able to connect to others hearts far too easily but heartache is the worst thing to feel. If someone’s broke it cannot be fixed, so heartbreak to me seems like a release of pain to which can allow someone to start their heart back over. Heartache is the ache of hope. In which your heart still beats the same beats in hope for a reason that only the one bestowed with that heart knows.

It’s been on my mind for a while that living with heartache is far worse, because you’re stuck. You can’t move forward until your heart is brought to salvation or has slipped to being broken. Maybe my mind is too crowded to make sense in a world that relies on truth, maybe my mind is looking for an escape because my heart is too much to handle. The start of each day brings forward the hope that the ache will rest, that those who suffer before me will be freed from their troubles. It brings forward the sun, the stars, and the moon all over which start over each and every day.

To die is the worst end when you’re living. To live with heartache leads those down a path where they can choose heartbreak as a way to start over or too live their life already dead, far too soon. I suppose I wish those suffering could see the chose to restart their hearts is not the worst choice to make in life; it’s too chose to allow the heartache to turn into heartbreak and never find their hearts again. It’s really the worst.”



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