Drabble Challenge → 31 / 100; Rage [ 1 . 5 ]






He rotated the watch around his wrist to allow
his dark brown eyes the chance to catch the time. He had been caught up in a
business meeting which made him late for his date. His smile was wide as he saw
the restaurant in view but before he could reach the other side of the
intersection everything became halted. It all happen so fast, the world was
spinning around him as if he was inside a tire rolling down a hill. The
difference was this was not a childhood rebellion, the rage of the car caused
death that night.








This part [rage] will follow tomorrow’s drabble “Empty.” in a five part series. [Which just means these five drabbles that follow each other over the next five days will tell a story, instead of it being a different drabble each day. I decided to continue on this one as it sparked ideas for the next four.]


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