Drabble Challenge → 32 / 100; Empty [ 2 . 5 ]



His eyes took one last look around the shattered pieces of car parts, knowing that he would not make it to her tonight.  It wasn’t because he didn’t want to see her, it wasn’t because he was late it was because fate had other plans for his life. It was out of his control as the sirens roared around the scene, the frantic people, and the lifeless bodies. Elizabeth smiled as the waiter served her a glass of water completely unaware that the man she was in love with, lay dead on the pavement. His heart empty of beats.


 This part [Empty] will follow tomorrow’s part [Anger] in a five part series.


2 thoughts on “Drabble Challenge → 32 / 100; Empty [ 2 . 5 ]

    • divinerush ღ says:

      It is. I actually wanted to write a happier tale but it ended up like this. I hope you continue to enjoy the rest of this mini story. Part three will be out tonight.

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