Drabble Challenge → 35 / 100; Delight [ 5 . 5 ]



“Have no fear.” He would whisper into her ear, as his hand stroked her long hair. He would smile gently at her like the clearing in a storm, allowing sun into the sky. He would make everything seem okay even if it wasn’t. He was her rock but now she had to be the rock for someone else. Her tears were bittersweet as she held the image in her hand, her fingers softly touching the black & white image of their child. “Hello son.” She smiled delighted at him, where her hands now rested on her stomach. “I love you.”


 This is the finale of the mini story in the 100 drabble challenge. Share your thoughts on this if you would like too. I’m thinking of telling another mini story again later on in the drabble challenge. Tomorrow’s drabble will be not following this, it will be an entirely new drabble on its own. Thanks guys!




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