Drabble Challenge 0 – 50

All fifty drabbles so far all in one section.

A drabble is an extremely short work of fiction of exactly one hundred words in length, not necessarily including the title. The purpose of the drabble is brevity, testing the author’s ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in an extremely confined space.

So here it goes lovelies. 100 days & 100 drabbles.





His emerald eyes were soft as he lifted the whiskey in his hands. The glass clear in it’s reflection of his pain. The movement of the alcohol rocking around inside its confined space was evident of how his heart beat. The sound of silence around him making it apparent he was unaccompanied. The longing for the birth of his daughter was destroyed along with the love of his life. The hope for redemption in love was crushed along with his heart. As the snow fell outside on the anniversary of his loss, he drowned himself back into the happier memories.


It was in the moment she saw the balloon slip out of her finger tips to float away from her that she knew. It was the sight of the balloon taking flight that inspired her. Thus it created the memory she held onto. Standing underneath the beach sky she never felt happier to chase as she did now. Her enthusiasm for this day was as bright as the red balloon she ran after. As her finger was wrapped with the gold ring she believed in her heart; chasing after her dreams was evidently the best thing she had ever done.


Salvation lied in love. The night dark with the glowing stars among each other together brought a smile to his face. Months of pain created a man unworthy of his wife’s love. As he placed the red roses down upon her grave stone he rested his hand upon her name. Whispering out loud his sins, & to finish he thanked her for blessing him with love. “You will always remain the love that saved me to love again. It is to be worthy of that love in this life; I beg forgiveness & will wake up a better man tomorrow.”


 “Night upon night there is a haunting image of a reflection before my own eyes. All these thoughts are endless like the harboring pain weighing me down. The breath in my lungs is slowly drained, the numbing sensation taking over as I give into the darkness.  I catch a glimpse of the future in which I can clearly see sober. It’s been a long road in which tears and blood were shed for me to be bestowed with hope. It’s in reach for my hands to grasp to which I realize the hate I hold for myself. Tonight I recover.”


My feet are still against the crashing waves coming forth to me. I feel aware that this is dangerous as the panic sets in when my feet move closer to the rage. The seagulls above scream below like they’re warning me of the fate I am walking towards but I pay them no mind. The sand soft between my toes causes my eyes to close to savor the gentleness the storm offers. The water rushes past my waist as I stop finally in the center, accepting the adrenaline so I no longer fear; the ocean. I have triumphed my fear.


“The leaves are crunching below my bare feet as I press my hand against the rough bark of the tree I’m standing beside. The sun shines down upon the forest in which I am in, and the heat warms my skin. The clouds are slowly returning to the sky as I head forth in my journey up the hill. The grass tickling me and I inhale the fresh rainfall around me. I run my hand through my thick hair as I climb up a giant cold rock to over look the waterfall underneath me. I feel alive in this moment.”



 “Mother will not be pleased.”

The comfy brown cushion that was rested in the corner of the couch was ripped into pieces among the furniture. Four sets of eyes scanned the mess made as their worry set in.

 “Oh no, we’re going to be in so much trouble!” The barking from the living caught the attention of their owner. As she stepped in the house, happy to see her pets, her blue orbs followed where they barked at each other from and she narrowed her eyes. They pouted.

“I told you mother wouldn’t be pleased we wrecked her cushion.”


Her skin was soft under his hot touch. He could feel her cold skin warm as his hand surfaced to her cheek. He had never seen something more beautiful than her as she was the love he’d been searching for. She was the woman of his haunt dreams and now before him she desired his power to sooth her aches. His lips pressed against her collar bone to trail back up to her soft pink lips and take control of what he desired. Her heart raced inside her chest with his as he brought himself forward to unleash their passion.


The drifting clouds shimmer with snowflakes as winter is upon the world. The sun makes the white sparkle. The kids cheer outside on the skate rinks and the parents enjoy their hot coffees as they watch. The air is brisk and when you breathe out, the sight of your own breathe is evident. The snowmen stand strong protecting the snow angels behind them. There are foot-prints left in the thick layer of snow that will stay till the following morning. The hot chocolate warms the cold hands as they enter their homes for the evening. The New Year is coming.


“I can’t promise you I’ll be perfect but I promise you, I’ll be the best man I can be. I’ll make sure you feel appreciated & I’ll always make sure you know you’re wanted. I want to hold your hand, kiss your lips & tell you how beautiful you are everyday. You make me want to be a better man each day, & your love is all there is worth fighting for. In the end I want you to know how much I need you because I want to be with you, not without you. So, will you marry me?”


She cried softly in the night as the rain flooded the earth outside while the light struck down and the thunder shook the world. Her chest ached from the beating hear that pulsed the pain through her. Her smile had faded when the news came that her mother had passed, a terrible accident tore the life right out the both of them. The hopes and dreams they shared seemed to vanish as the night drew on. It was too raw and far too real for her to accomplish anything, the world no longer held inspiration for her.  She was heartbroken.


Love me.

Inspire me.

Care for me.

Support me.

Stand by me.

Fight with me.

Make me smile.

Strengthen me.

Make me feel beautiful.

Make me want to be a better woman.

Are the reason I live each & every single day.

When I’m lost you are there to find me, & guide me back home.

All me to make my own mistakes & help me move forward from the past.

You are the best thing in my life and it’s because of your love and you’re wisdom I am proud to be who I am today. I love you.


“There’s a point to all this. I see the reflection before my own eyes. The clarity is as bright as the sun above me; shining the truth that will answer my questions and dissolve the lies. My heart will beat to a solid rhythm without skipping from the overwhelming confusion that sinks in every time I think about the future. My hands tremble as I look upon my own reflection and see a troubled soul in need of advice. I just can’t seem to see past the fog clouding my judgment. Or maybe I’m not ready to see the truth.”


“I want you to look at me with the same affection that you use to. I want you to smile at me like you mean it. I want you to stand by my side proud of the man you love. I want you to believe in me no matter what mistakes I make in the future. I want you to continue to fall in love with me more and more, each & everyday you wake up. I want you to know that I’m sorry for betraying your heart, because in the end; I need you. However you deserve better.”


There is nothing more beautiful than having joy. You can see a sparkle in someone’s eyes when their heart is content and their mind is at ease. You can feel the happiness emitting form their soul into yours. The world suddenly has clarity and you can breathe. Joy; it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Joy is pure, joy is real and joy is strength but it’s also rare. The idea of happiness is shunned by most because it’s not easy to believe in something so powerful. Then out of nowhere someone comes along & there’s a glimmer of hope.


“It doesn’t matter how many times I feel like today is going to be different; it never is. I wake up each morning feeling like today is the day when everything will change. I end up just moving along throughout the crowds, & words only are whispers among those I love. I end up chained in place and to my horror I see only shadows. I see what my heart feels, what it pumps through my veins every day. I see nothing & feel nothing. I am alone in a world full of life. I live but I’m not alive.”


“I’ve come to accept there’s magic in this world. There’s magic around every corner. There’s even stronger magic inside one’s heart. In each person there’s a fire, for some it’s burned out & for other’s it’s beginning to rise higher. For the longest time I didn’t believe in anything, not even myself. Then there came a time when my belief would be the only way to overcome the darkness surrounding me. I had to open my eyes for my heart to be set free so that when it came time to being strong I could be because I believed.”


“Today I heard the news. I saw the death, I watched as people cried, and screamed for help. In this life where we only have one life to live; we spend each living day killing each other. Slowly but surely the news comes again to showcase the next sensation of pain before our eyes. There are nights where some sleep, but I weep. I feel inside my chest each emotion of those hurting and the sympathy I hold makes it harder to breathe each day knowing in this life, the only life I will live; we’re only falling apart.”


Rain fell from above the clouds and onto my skin making my eyes reopen from the slumber I was in. I peered over the box to see people scurrying past the alley way where I rested. Some children cry in their mother’s arms as others hold their umbrella’s close to them as the wind picks up. I can feel the dampness causing my body to shake, I keep holding onto the only home I have as I crawl back inside hoping it will withstand the storm until another day. Until I can find another home & one day be safe.


Deep inside my chest there beats a heart, hardly as it slowly stops every few moments. It’s being drained of the power that keeps me alive, allows me to live, and helps me to breathe. I see my fingers shake as I reach for the alarm wishing to shut it off and go back to sleep. The thought of getting out of bed is awful & the moment my feet hit the chocolate hardwood floor I already feel defeated. I do not have the strength anymore to fight this battle, I hate feeling this way but it’s my truth.


Red moved into orange before purple swept over changing the once vibrant red and orange into pink. The sun was setting which would allow one day to end and soon another to begin. It would bring forward a morning of thought after a restless night of sleep. Her feet touched the top of the hill as the sun rose like it would continue too for as long as she lived. She could see through her dark green eyes how powerful she truly was when she put in the effort to accomplish her goals. She smiled pride evident in her heart.


I remembered crawling across the sand to reach safety. The journey drained my body of all the physical strength it held. The sky was gloomy as I fell to my back feeling nothing; my heartbeat was all I could hear as my eyes peered above me. The stars held each other as the moon smiled proud shining so bright it became my personal nightlight. The cracking of the boat when it hit the giant rock was like a knife snapping, the sound still rang in my mind as my eyes closed sore & exhausted from the fight to survive.


The tears slid down her rosy cheeks to which her normally bright brown eyes slip darker. Her hands slid into her black hair as she heaves, her chest aching, her mind racing & her body shaking. Today was hard to move through, her soul torn from the war inside herself. She cries throughout the night when those she loves are asleep & no one can hear her, no one can save her. Her body drops to the concrete floor, a silent scream escaping her lungs. Her heart takes over, but it’s so overwhelmed, she tells herself tomorrow will be better.


The dark sky was depressing that morning when young Tony was wandering around the large living room. He could see the entire view of New York before him, people too busy to care about anything but themselves. His dark eyes saw a woman lean down and give change to a homeless man. His lips curved as he ran away from the window & down the hallway. Tony’s dark hair becoming messy from his fast pace as he ran to his piggy bank. While the weather was down that October day, Tony smiled happily as his heart was full of spirit.


Yesterday he understood that he had become lost when his world spun he had been stuck walking in circles. Time had passed, flowers had bloomed & before he knew it a smile was worn upon his pink lips. He packed away the photos of the loved ones he still adores. The past was behind him as he stepped forward into the lit path that his loved ones would be proud of him for. His green eyes are bright with happiness, for the first time, in a long time. As his heart beat, each beat reminded him what life was worth.


The blue in her eyes had sunk to a darker shade as her fingers brushed away the tears that had fallen. Her cheek was sore from the impact of his hand against her gentle skin. Her heart was torn between the past & present of that man she swooned over. His violence unexplainable, as was the feelings her heart brought forward. The blue eyes reflected in the mirror an image she felt ashamed of & longed never to see it again as she backed out of the washroom in an attempt to remove the memories. She no longer worshiped him.


She was temptation at its finest. Zeal surrounded her making him think of her as an explosion of fireworks. They captured your attention & for a brief moment there with the colored star sky; you belong. She was the only woman who had driven his hearts needs beyond understanding. The taste her lips would allow, the feel of her skin against his & the way her dark eyes would look at him could cause a shiver to slide down his spine. In that moment he could resist taking her lips with his; she had to know she was the one.


She sat smiling at the sunset as the wind gently blew & the trees arms softly swayed. His feet were quiet as they walked slower even though it intensified the anticipation. Her long black hair was loose around her bare shoulders causing him to swallow hard. He had been praying he would see her again before he was sent away; he pulled off his army hat as she turned & looked at him. It only took that one look for him to never look back into because he had found the light to bring him forward. “Hello Ma’am.” He greeted.


“There’s too much damage to ignore. There are pieces here & some there before the children’s feet. The blood, the bodies, & the lost souls are scattered among the rubble from an accident that has claimed many lives. It happened as fast as a loaded gun being shot off. The silence lurks around the sirens as breaths vanish & hearts slow even with the determination of love. It’s become clear there are far too many pieces for anyone to mend, the exhaustion draining the hope from all. The cries from hurt souls become quieter as snow falls upon the tragedy.”


It crawls along her skin as it breaks within. Her mind troubled, her soul broken & her heart dead. She lifts her empty eyes to window before her fragile frame, “It wasn’t supposed to be like this.” She whispers, gently, scared she’ll break if she stands her ground. Her body weakens as the seconds pass; the obsession to be perfect tearing her to pieces. She falls, she cries, this lonely lost soul trapped inside a painting of others ideas. She no longer knows who she is expect that she is now only an image the world prefers to see.


He rotated the watch around his wrist to allow his dark brown eyes the chance to catch the time. He had been caught up in a business meeting which made him late for his date. His smile was wide as he saw the restaurant in view but before he could reach the other side of the intersection everything became halted. It all happen so fast, the world was spinning around him as if he was inside a tire rolling down a hill. The difference was this was not a childhood rebellion, the rage of the car caused death that night.


His eyes took one last look around the shattered pieces of car parts, knowing that he would not make it to her tonight.  It wasn’t because he didn’t want to see her, it wasn’t because he was late it was because fate had other plans for his life. It was out of his control as the sirens roared around the scene, the frantic people, and the lifeless bodies. Elizabeth smiled as the waiter served her a glass of water completely unaware that the man she was in love with, lay dead on the pavement. His heart empty of beats.


Her coat slid on quickly as she sighed slowly. Her brown eyes scanned the room once more for any trace he was showing up but it was clear he had stood her up. The anger surfaced inside her heart first but she shook it off as her gaze averted to a scene a head of her as she walked down the sidewalk. The police were taking control of an accident it appeared. The clouds grew closer together above her as she moved along until her body was thrown back when she recognized the man a paramedic was trying to save.


Elizabeth’s fingers gripped the side of the sink at home. Her cheeks were stained wet even though she promised herself she would hold it together. Her heart was aching from the loss of the man she was in love with. His body now buried where his voice no longer soothed nightmares or his kisses healed her. She wanted to scream out in fury because of the ache in her chest. She wanted him back; she wanted to have her forever with him. As she stepped back she slid down the wall, desperately in need of a hope to hold onto.


“Have no fear.” He would whisper into her ear, as his hand stroked her long hair. He would smile gently at her like the clearing in a storm, allowing sun into the sky. He would make everything seem okay even if it wasn’t. He was her rock but now she had to be the rock for someone else. Her tears were bittersweet as she held the image in her hand, her fingers softly touching the black & white image of their child. “Hello son.” She smiled down at him, where her hands now rested on her stomach. “I love you.”


“I gave into submission. I allowed myself a single chance to breathe the fresh winter air & close my eyes to take in the world around me. I stepped outside my shell to find a part of myself that I long ago lost upon falling into a gloomy path. This morning was the first time that instead of saying another goodbye to something, I welcomed the challenge of searching for who I was with you. Each choice I make from here on out will not be defined by anyone else but me. I will never give up on myself again.”


“My brain & my body are in sync with the desire he presents. My heart continues to fight the battle of infatuation or love. I cannot foresee the events that will occur with our futures intertwined. I do know that I can no longer deny the feelings I have for the man staring back at me. The faster my heart beat goes, the more I crave his lips kissing mine. The idea of never knowing what it’s like to be with him is weighing on my mind as I step up & walk over to him & smile at him.”


Lights shined along the window seals that he passed with his mother & father. Howard couldn’t stop staring at the Christmas world that had taken over the city of New York. It was the most beautiful thing he had seen in his entire life so far. The anticipation for the following morning with his parents was going to keep him up all night long. Howard couldn’t wait to open gifts and drink hot coco with his family. The snow falling onto his rosy cheeks made him cling closer to his parents as the night drew closer to Santa arriving.


“I was a little girl when it first started, when I began to only expect the worst. I’ve kept this a secret considering everything I expect to happen seems to come along eventually. I never thought of myself as being pessimistic until I looked up the definition. I find my eyes searching those I know wondering how some of them remain so blissfully ignorant to reality, and begging anyone listening to allow me that same freedom. I need this mind of mine to shut down; for a little while at least. I want to drown the noise out & relax.”


“Mom, please.”

“You have to.”

I shook my head. I wouldn’t. “No, no way!” I pushed my hands forward almost knocking the spoon out of her hand. The smell of the syrup entered my nose as I had moved. “Yuck!”

“You have to take it to feel better.”

“No, that medicine is gross.”

My jolly mother sighed, cracking a smile. Her eyes bright with humor as she put the spoon towards me. “You’re a big girl right?”

“I’m six. Of course I am.”

“Then take this & you’ll stop coughing so we can go skating.”

My eyes went wide. “Fine.”


“I’m still trying to accept the idea that someone is capable of loving me.” I told him, as his hands grasped mine. It was strange to know when he held them now he meant the physical touch much more than it had meant before. His hand cupped my cheek before tucking back loose strands of my hair.

“It’s okay to be scared.”

“I’m terrified.” I said honestly. He leaned down pressing his forehead against mine. My hands rested against his chest, taking in the feel of him. I had never felt so strongly for someone.

“I’m right here; for you.”


“In the end it made me stronger. The agitation however caused depression, & other mental illnesses that will take the rest of my life to overcome. The struggles I face will cease to define me from other’s views; I will define myself as I wish. I will continue fighting to be the best person I can be, I want to be the person I expect myself to be & someone I can always be proud of. I won’t allow the dark past I once was a part of to rule my future. In the end I am who I am.”


The waves were calm that morning as he awoke from his slumber. His wife was looking frailer than she had the day before. His aged eyes were sadden to discover her shivering from the illness that was spreading through her body at a faster rate than they had anticipated. He leaned other drawing the blanket over her frame and wrapping his arms around her, holding her close. His lips pressed down on her neck, giving her more warmth & his love. “I’m not leaving your side.” He told her, trying to smile even as the tears slid down his cheeks.


 “It was like a dream because it was so surreal, it left everyone astonished. Such cruelty brought forward into pure innocence. People were speechless & heart broken. The ache inside their chest was so intense that it caused grave pain to live on for many years to follow. It wasn’t supposed to be like this but then again nothing is ever supposed to go badly. We hope for the best because if we even think of the worst – we feel like we’re bad people. The truth is no matter what we do there’s always a battle between good & evil.”


Spinning around & around on the merry-go-round was the most exciting memory he had of his childhood. It was a moment in which he could clearly remember the laughter, the happiness, the innocence he held as a child. It was only a short time later that it was stripped from his very soul taking away the future feelings he wanted to experience. He lay in his bed among the emotion’s he still is able to feel, loneliness is the worst. His lips tighten as his eyes close trying to drift off into a peaceful sleep. “Goodnight.” He says to himself.


I longed for the truth to escape my lips. It was like a lust, a desire I couldn’t contain. I saw him looking at me with those dark eyes like he always had, with such love. I betrayed that with a single night of allowing my heart to be pushed aside. I knew that once the words sunk inside him it was over, that everything would end. I would no longer be his, I would be alone. There was no excuse for my actions; I made a mistake that would cost me the most important person in my life.



There is no one else to blame, I am guilty of a crime that I cannot even allow out in a whisper with the wind. I tried to stop the pain, I tried to shut out the voices inside my head but it all was a failure. I’m only longing to be free of this sick twisted part of me that slowly is driving me to my very own death. I cannot bare to wake up in the morning anymore. I can’t, I don’t know how to survive any longer. I need help, I‘m longing for some peace of mind.


“I still think about you every day, as if you had never left. You taught me how to be a strong woman with your tender heart & helped me grow into the mother I am now. I could have not made it this far in my life without you, my mother. I love you & I only hope that where you rest now is a happier place. I expect you’re still as restless & eccentric as you were here but free of any pain you suffered. I love you mom, I miss you, and your grandchildren do too. Sweet dreams.”


The gray pavement was cold under his feet as the shoes he wore were torn to pieces. His dark hair was wet from the icy rain drenching him. When the wind picked up it caused him to wrap his arms closer to try & keep the warmth he was losing at a quick pace. The white clouds made the crow like sky seem worth painting to remember such a defining day. He placed his hand on the door to the shelter knowing the first step was always the hardest. He looked inside & took a breather before he stepped inside.


Adele’s back pressed against the lavender wall behind her as she had her head rested upon her knees. The room was dry & her body was sore. The physical work it required to get out of bed every morning to live in a cruel world had brought her down. She could hardly even stand anymore without wanting to disappear. Her world seemed meaningless up until that moment when she lifted her head to see what would cause her rebirth. The photo of her husband looking as handsome as ever in his military uniform was perched up against the nightstand.


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