Drabble Challenge → 88 / 100; Feelings



I stopped there for a few seconds as he said those words I was left speechless. “You are just-”

“You’re stuck with me, Rachel.”

“No, go away.” I snapped. He chuckled. “I’m serious.”

He nodded, before letting go. “I know,”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

He smiled, and I couldn’t help myself or stop myself because I already acted when I realized what I’d done and it was too late.

“Ouch,” Atticus mumbled rubbing him chest. “I confess my feelings & you punch me?”

“Sorry..” I said slowly. “You just irritate me, still love me?”


2 thoughts on “Drabble Challenge → 88 / 100; Feelings

  1. melanieisme says:

    Why is it that everything you write is pure magic? Where can I get some of that? xD
    Seriously though, you’re a fantastic writer; if you don’t mind my asking, where did you get this prompt list for your 100 drabbles? Or did you cleverly come up with them yourself ;)?

    • Divine Rush says:

      You’re really too kind, but I appreciate your comments 🙂 It’s awesome to know you think so highly. I think you’re a fantastic writer yourself! No need for magic! Pssh.

      I found my list here, 100 Themes Challenge Writing Prompts http://wp.me/p1gScB-9p a blogger on WordPress had shared this! I thought it was awesome, I was waiting till the big 100 to share where I got my list from 🙂 Thought it would be fun to keep it a surprise 🙂

      Anyways, if you try it out have fun 😀 I enjoyed this adventure a lot! It’s a lot of work but rewarding none the less 🙂

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