Drabble Challenge → 50 – 100


Adele’s back pressed against the lavender wall behind her as she had her head rested upon her knees. The room was dry & her body was sore. The physical work it required to get out of bed every morning to live in a cruel world had brought her down. She could hardly even stand anymore without wanting to disappear. Her world seemed meaningless up until that moment when she lifted her head to see what would cause her rebirth. The photo of her husband looking as handsome as ever in his military uniform was perched up against the nightstand.


It was almost amusing to her that every night & every day that photo rested there. She could look at it until her heart was content that she would remember him in her dreams but it wouldn’t change the fact he was gone. He had given his life to save the world she wanted so desperately to enjoy again. It never registered to her that this would not be how he wanted her to live on without him. All of a sudden the realization had crashed down on her. She touched her cheek where she swore she felt a kiss.


Adele pushed herself up from the wall in her bedroom, a room where she once shared memories with another. Her head titled as she stepped forward to grasp the picture in her hands. There he was happy, excited & alive. It didn’t matter where he was going, he was looking forward to doing his part & helping out a cause he felt worthy of risking a life for. Adele’s cheeks became wet from the tears as her finger brushed his frame in the photo. He always had made her a better person. He deserved better than this broken woman.


As the sun shined in from the window behind her making the picture stand out more she realized there were words imprinted behind his face. She flipped the photo around & opened it to reveal a letter. It was perfectly intact not showing a single sign of abuse on the semi-white paper, tainting slowly from awaiting her eyes. Adele gasped as she saw his hand writing when she unfolded it, “Dear Adele.” She read out loud an ache making her stop as her heart began to beat hard. It had never felt like this, she couldn’t even breathe. “My love.”


“I might not always be there with you to hold your hand or kiss your soft lips but know I love you. That I do. I miss you at night & in the morning when I set out. And every moment in between. I want you to remain as strong as you can, show the world that beautiful spirit I fell in love with.  Adele, if you would, from afar just whisper yes when I ask will you marry me?” Her eyes closed as the quick tranquil sensation spread through her from soul to heart. “Yes.” She said out loud.


The ringing of the phone made her jump from her shocked state. The words speaking quickly to her caused a frantic feeling to take over her. There was no time for composure not even when the news came in. She was unsure if she should be thrilled or fearful at the thought that the man she would have married may be alive. Awaiting the world in a faraway place, in which his slumber from an accident left him. She wasted no time in getting ready to fly over, because for the first time in a long time there was hope.


Adele wished she could still feel that happiness she had when she found the letter tucked away in the photo. Her eyes scanned his body seeing it hooked to machines surrounding him. The hospital bed looked uncomfortable & the smell made her feel sick but she stepped inside the room feeling many emotions. Her hand wrapped with his quickly glad to feel his touch once more. She leaned down pressing her lips to his forehead wishing only his return again to her. “William… come back to me.” She whispered squeezing his hand in hers never wanting to let go again.


Days turned into months & when a year rounded the stress Adele felt was overwhelming. She lifted her head from his chest where she spent each night listening to his heartbeat but deep inside she could feel him continuing to slip away from this world. Her body ached as she felt her love wasn’t enough to save him. Adele pressed her lips to his cheek as she slid out of bed.Her back turned she continued to the door where she had finally made the decision to let him go. As she closed the door the heart machine flat lined.


For one single moment she was filled with serenity that he would finally be at peace. It was only until he was shocked for the third time that she felt a pain in her own chest. “William.” She pleaded as she was ushered out of the room. Her eyes watched in horror as he didn’t wake, he didn’t’ come back. Her screams echoed throughout the hallway causing everyone to be silent as she lost the love of her life before her very own eyes. When she felt the grasp of someone’s arms around her she held tight onto them.


She gasped when she saw William looking down at her, he lifted her up in his arms & brushed away loose strands of her hair. “Adele.” He said softly.

“I had a nightmare.” She told him quickly.

He nodded, kissing her forehead. “It’s okay.” He smiled. “Wedding nerves is all.”

“I was so scared I lost you.” She breathed taking in the colorful flowers she was to hold as she walked down the aisle towards William.

“That will never happen.”  He said from his heart, wrapping his hand in hers. “I will always be here for you. I love you.”


Black as coal was the night with only the moon as white as fresh snow shining through her window. It was the day she began coping. It was the day she found out death was living inside her awaiting her final heart beat. The moment her last breath escaped her lungs her eyes would rest open until gently closed so her soul could find peace. It was in this moment as she lay alone that she realized how lonely of a life she lived. The wind pushed the curtain as she turned her back away, sadness becoming her only friend.


They all though she was the happiest, boisterous young woman they knew. They all thought she had a fulfilled life, family, love, & friends everything anyone could need. They all thought there was nothing that could break her soul, her spirit was as fierce as a wild animal. They all thought she would be the first to walk through the door the next morning after they found her dead beside her a suicide note.  They all thought they knew the woman that lay six feet underground, but she was the only one who knew they didn’t know her at all…


He would never lie to her but even he knew he was far from perfect. Somehow, someway the woman he called his wife saw through him. She loved him anyways no matter what happen. As he lowered his suitcase from the job he was now fired from, his heart ached as he felt a lie wishing to push aside her worries. He couldn’t stand the pain her eyes would hold or the look of disappointment that would follow. As he saw her placid & smiling at him with her hands reaching towards him, he forced one onto his. “Welcome home.”


“Open your eyes because it’s time to see past your tired & defeated soul. Open your heart to the beauty that love will bring & learn that showing the world a part of yourself is not a crime. I want you to remind yourself everyday you deserve the best life possible, you are a blessing to those who care & for those that do not see your compassion, then that is their own shame. You are a very important being in my life & for that single reason I will never let you fall unless I can catch you.”


The man was in bliss with his wealth, his fame & his lust. This man had no room in his mind to pay attention to those without the means he held. The man was wore his charm so elegantly that it could never be considered foolish to the wandering eye. His heart however to this man was unworthy to the love of another instead he forced a belief of content inside it. It went without fail for some time until the time came for him to reveal the finished puzzle that was his life. He quickly saw he was missing.


To her it didn’t matter what the world thought when what she loved made her the happiest she had ever been. Of course it hurt to be downgraded by those who did not know her but that was their decision to speak such cruelty not her own. To her the heart was a beautiful beating creation that we were given to use, not betray. “I love you.” She told her girlfriend as she awoke. Her fingers brushing away strands of hair covering her face. “That will never change.” No matter what the world thought she would not neglect her heart.


He’s fine, that’s exactly the words his mother would use when his father would round up a fit. He’s young; his mother would continue to say. His father would yell, pound his fist to the wall as his wife defended the choices of their only son. Kaden no longer watched their fights as he would receive his lecture from his father later. Kaden pulled the covers closer to his body as he listened to their fight, his sexuality not of appreciation to his father. His mother defended but never acknowledge, but Kaden just closed his eyes wishing he were fine.


To the young child the question of belief meant nothing. To the older gentleman who longed for his ill wife to be healthy his faith was not in question. There was no one else to turn to but the man above. He held her hand or rubbed her back, no matter the time or how large the mess. He would give his heart in place of her own to spare her the pain of living this dark death. His eyes water as she awake a smile plastered over her face, she caresses his cheek before she drifts back to sleep.


It hardly mattered to the child he was dying, because his spirit was lively & energetic. It brought forward the courage to live harder, fight longer & love more. To Isaacs life was a precious gift anyone could be given. It may never be easy, sometimes awful but every once in a while there’s glimmer of hope. There’s a sign that awakens you to see what life can offer & for sick Isaacs that moment was each & every day.  He smiled as he colored & laughed through the 3445tttttttxz\+b n the salt & pepper coat of his companion. It was on a night like so that he wondered about one of the most important things; his heart.



“There’s such power in the ability to love. There is strength that ignites the soul’s purpose, you find yourself transformed. Love sweeps you into this reality of always having someone at your side. Love is a gift that’s always wrapped in a box with another surprise. No matter the outcome there’s always a benefit, there’s always a chance for a happy ending, so take it. Don’t’ give up on your heart because your mind tells you too & don’t ever give up on yourself because you feel alone. Love is a powerful thing, use it, and don’t abuse it.”


Her eyes did not hold pity towards the man who was too ashamed to look at her. He felt she deserved better, she deserved to be bestowed with the perfect gentleman, & not him. The beast, the failure that was reflected each moment he lived, he was not a man. Her brown eyes softened as she took his hand into hers; warming the chill his had taken & smiled. Her lips curving before she pressed them to his rough cheek. “I long for you, not perfection my love.” He turned matching her eyes with his own. She squeezed his hand.


“There is no need for humiliation now darling.” Astrid declared to his broken soul. Griffon was not surprised because of how forgiving she was or how she could see straight into the heart of those she met. It was because she still held his hand with more love then she had for him before. Her gentle eyes made his heart skip a few beats each time. He tightened his jaw as she rested her head against his. “You’re a man who knows humiliation which only allows you’re dignity to be solid for those who look up to you.”


Griffon sighed as Astrid pulled away to stand up, her long dark hair flowing back with the wind. “You are an angel, Astrid.” His words flew into the wind as he followed her suit. He stood behind her looking at her with loving eyes. There was no other way to describe her; she was the purest soul he had ever known. His mind was satisfied with the decision his heart had made as he slipped his hand into his pocket & pulled out the pearl. He lowered to one knee and reached for her left hand, “Astrid. I love you.”


“Will you marry me?” Astrid’s eyes watered. Even though his words might have seemed simple & straight to the point that was not the case. Astrid knew in her heart his words were honest & real, full of the love they shared. He was giving himself to her in a way that he feared, that in itself showed his true character.

“Yes.” She said softly, her heart overjoyed. “Yes!” She then cheered as she took the pearl in her hand & wrapped her arms around him. Her lips pressed down on his, he pulled her close deepening their passion.


“I’m hyper about life because I want to live. I don’t want to be a shell of something; I want to be reminded I lived a full life. I’ve let go of the past & am looking towards the future. I’m not afraid to try new things, I’m not going to pass up any more chances & I’m certainly not going to give up on love. You can say I’m naive, I’m a child, but at the end of my life I’ll be happy & full filled. That’s all that matters really, that I can look at myself proud.”


The way he says my name, how it rolls off his sharp tongue makes Goosebumps rise to the surface of my skin. He is the wisest man I’ve ever met but his harden heart keeps everyone at bay. Those eyes are colored with pain & hurt but it’s his heart that holds onto top hope. It is because of that, I have fallen for the prince. Surely he knows this as he continues to avoid me, or push me away. I won’t give up though no matter how far he pushes I will show him he is worthy of love.


“It can be called worthless or silly, to worry about the past, because it’s over. It can be useless to worry about the future because you can’t predict it even if you want too. There are only assumptions that we make up, we come to conclusions in our minds that seem like they’ll be the truths. In reality that is not the case but we’re human. We’ll probably never learn no matter how much we continue to grow. I guess to be blissfully ignorant to the world won’t happen but you can’t blame someone for trying. You really can’t.”


His remorse for his actions placed a terrible ache inside him. He knew then as the regret set in that the loss of the person he loved most would forever haunt him. He would never forgive himself for missing out on the chance to be with them. They were his greatest treasure, the only thing that kept him human right at his core. Now here he sat alone above the hills watching the sun set, & the stars align. It was a reminder to him that he needed to fix this. Here he sat without the person he loved most.



The flowers had become degraded from the lack of care over time. There petals curled up trying to savor the water that they had been given days ago. Some had fallen too weak to rise; the once stunning red had faulted with black tainting the tips of each petal. The sun was locked out with the purple curtains leaving the flowers to fend for themselves, relying on only what they could. It was almost nothing, & almost far too late to save them from their future death. It was such a shame to see such beauty go to waste.



“You don’t understand! I must act now; take revenge before he returns! When he returns with the plate, I will fall. You don’t understand that my castle will fall, my people will fall! I must act now & take my revenge to save my kingdom.” His blue eyes were wide with excitement as he spoke his strong words to the woman in front of him who looked around at the mess he had created. Her lips curved as her hand reached her face. “Mommy… are they homemade cookies?” He asked dropping his plastic sword.

“I’ll get the milk.” She laughed.


I have a life worth living.

I have family worth fighting for.

I’m true to myself, my beliefs & my heart.

I will always stand firm, & never give up.

If I were too fall I know those around me would life me up.

I am strong, independent & fearless.

I’m also vulnerable, scared & naive.

 I live this fulfilled life so that at the end of my road I can look back proud of where I’ve ended up.

I can be happy with what I’ve done & leave the world knowing I’ve done all I can in this life.


“When did this happen?”

“Doesn’t matter,” I said reaching over and picking up a shirt. My breathing halted for a second when I felt finger tips glide over my wound.

I could feel Atticus’ breath down my back, as he asked. “Who did this to you?” I shook my head and turned my body around throwing on my shirt. “Lexi,”

“None of your business, like you said. Don’t care about the past, only the future.” He backed off allowing me space but the only thing in my space was I & the shame of my own actions.


She was so graceful in her movements. Her dancing was expertise for someone so young. Her strength & determination was beyond comprehension for most. The way her long blonde hair flowed down her shoulders as the bun fell apart. It spun around with her spin like a tornado. He watched her from above surprised at her talents. There was something truly beautiful about seeing someone in their element & watching them grow. She spent endless hours perfecting her talent because no one is just given a gift. As the music ended he watched her walk back to turn it on.



The words entered her ears as strong as the shining light of the sun. Izzy felt the darkest places of her soul returning. The need to drown herself in a drink surged through her, the temptation advanced. She bit her tongue instead as she looked at the man beside her, her husband.

“You don’t have to do this, Izzy.” Jack stepped ahead as the two of them were left alone. Izzy kept her eyes focused on Jack as she gazed at the window. She hadn’t seen her nightmare since the trial & for good reason.

“Actually I do.” She whispered




Lucy shoved the table forward, knocking the TV out of place & sending it crashing as the wind blew strong inside the open window. Lucy stepped back before she turned off to the side. Hate was eating her alive as if she would turn into a beast in seconds. She needed a break, she needed to get away, her once content state had vanished. Even as she heard the desperate calls of the phone, someone was trying to find her, she made sure he wouldn’t as ran faster.

She needed to breathe, alone & running was her only option.



I stopped there for a few seconds as he said those words I was left speechless. “You are just-”

“You’re stuck with me, Rachel.”

“No, go away.” I snapped. He chuckled. “I’m serious.”

He nodded, before letting go. “I know,”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

He smiled, and I couldn’t help myself or stop myself because I already acted when I realized what I’d done and it was too late.

“Ouch,” Atticus mumbled rubbing him chest. “I confess my feelings & you punch me?”

“Sorry..” I said slowly. “You just irritate me, still love me?”



I am so pleased, blessed, & happy to know you. I’m grateful to have supporters like you at my side, joining me on this adventure. This life & what comes with it. You keep me inspired & always find ways to brighten my days. I cannot say thank you enough, but I will continue too because my appreciation level towards you all is a million times high & never ending. You are the most amazing people I will ever get to grow with on this journey of life. Thank you for being here with me. This is dedicated to you.



Alice’s fingers tighten, blood running through her at an advanced rate. Her teeth gritted against she had expected freedom from her demons but there would be none. Her hope for relief was fleeting  as she tried to restrain herself from shoving her fist into his face even across the table he was chained too.

“You’ve never been the angel with white wings, you never have been.”

“You know nothing.”

“I know everything.”

“Impossible.” Alice snapped, he didn’t know her past. It may not have been anything close to horrendous or brutal but he didn’t know her like he thought



“I’m not sure where to begin, as I cannot say anything that would make this better. I wish I was smart enough to figure out an answer to the problem. I hate to see your smile fade, as it’s such a light in so many lives. I wish I had enough courage to fight this battle for you without failure. I see you look at me like I’m superman but I’m not, I’m not as strong as he nor could I ever be. I wish I was so that you would always feel secure & safe in my arms.”





Some woman would whisper the word “Zest.” To describe this arrogant & rude man I was sitting across from. His eyes lingered on me far too long for my liking but it didn’t matter. Alexander took what he wanted, had what he needed, but I held more intelligence & strength than the whores he’d taken. I didn’t beg at the knees of another, I had courage, I had fight. He would not win me like a prize, he would fight till his death before that would ever happen. I smiled as I sipped my wine. “Good luck.” I told him.



“You never had someone love you.” I said bluntly. “You never felt love.”

“Back off.” She pushed; I could see her restraining herself.

“No one’s ever loved you aside from your parents.”

She turned towards me and used her hands to send me crashing into the wall but I grabbed her hands and pulled her into me. “Ariel,” I whispered as she fought against me.

“Let me go.”

“Never.” I said softly, as she slipped down I followed. “I’ll never let you go.” I told her, I could feel myself change in that moment as I wiped away her tears.



We’ve been building up the end of this adventure from day one. All the dreams, the hopes & the fun is coming to a close. This, what’s happen between us will end. There will be no more after the final day comes. I look at you & see everything I need, but we both know we cannot want what is not possible. This love will never be. This ache in my chest will cease to disappear but remembering you will be the only hope I’ll ever have. So I bid you goodnight & whisper I love you one final time.



With the sound of the birds chirping outside the window that morning, Rachel rolled over confident & optimistic that today would be a beautiful day. She was certain that as she got read for the rest of this sun filled day with the songs of the animals, things would turn around. She didn’t care what anyone thought, even if it was crazy to be this excited for hope. She would be, because hope was all she had. She smiled as she stepped outside & begun her day. It was the start of something new & she looked forward to it.


Her eyes darken. Her voice was calm but it still ran a shiver down John’s spine. “I am always the pawn in a game of chess with someone. I go first, I die first.” She turned her attention away from them & headed inside not wanting to look at anyone.

She wanted to focus on the idea that he got helpful information, but it still angered her. She wasn’t thrilled, she knew his personality, but she still felt the anger. It didn’t matter her thoughts right now, that’s all she felt as she sat down wasting no time in speaking.




“Why…” She asked as she tried to push away, turning her head. I released my hands from hers and put them on the sides of her face making her look back at me. “Why can’t you just stop!?” I couldn’t, she made me realize everything.  She made me a better man, she challenged me, and no matter how hard she fought against me – she cared. I understood her as she was someone you would be lucky enough to have in your life. She was that something more we long for & through my reflection I realized she was my friend.



She was in lock-down for months, with security watching her like a hawk; she tried escaping  but never succeeded. She met him through this, and grew to like him. Jasper was kind to her, more kinder than any of the others whom had come to see her. He talked to her like she was human,  he didn’t look at her like she was a beast.

Ariel was slipping in & out of the darkness that had brought upon her soul from the man she ran from. She felt embarrassment when she thought about her past. Jasper was her savoir.



Goodbye does not always mean death it can be more of a reminder that there’s something new around the corner. The end of one thing & the beginning of another is what my mind thought of whether it is simple or hard, there would always be more opportunities to take. There would be more moments to strive for & a life to enjoy. It can be sad to move on because moving forward is a challenge that causes change that is not always welcomed. Though sometimes saying goodbye is worthy of joy when you can find the blessings in disguise.


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