If He Knew?

I cry at night,

While he sleeps;

He stirs but doesn’t wake as my entire world falls to pieces.


The stars they shine,

As my heart it dies;

My thoughts they circle without end.


I begin to wonder,

What he would say, what he would think;

If he truly knew the woman I am.


8 thoughts on “If He Knew?

      • HoneyCutie93 says:

        Well, I had noticed you were following my blog, so, it was the least I could to to look at yours. I followed back, because I feel like we have similar writing styles. And you’re very welcome, it’s easier to compliment when it’s truth. There is no mistaking that it is truth : ) lol

      • Ky Grabowski says:

        Oh you are a complete sweetheart! 🙂

        I like your writing style as well 🙂 I do see we share similarities! Which is awesome, ha-ha. I have enjoyed reading a lot of your creations. I hope to get to reading more later on today, I’m so tired right now – my puppies are up early this morning lol


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