Very Inspiring Blogger? Pfft, You Are!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

What The Mel

Oh man, someone liked me enough to nominate (I guess you would call it) me for this ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ award!  I’m falling over myself with gratitude lady! Thanks for being inspired by my words, and thanks for inspiring me. Go check Emily’s blog Unkilled Darlings, she’s dope, and her words are dope-r.



So, of course, with most good things come a few conditions, which I think is a flippin’ swell way of linking good writers, to other good writers, and just publicly appreciating the work they do. Writing may come naturally to these people, but I assure you, the bearing of ones soul through poetry, and art does not. It’s more the price we pay to express ourselves. Kudos to these writers for sharing their amazing work. It’s not an easy thing to do.

The Rules:

Display the award logo.
1. Link back to the person who…

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