Mountains do not move,

My legs are frozen;

Concrete pulls me down.


There’s no sound,

I cannot make a scream;

Beg for mercy in the prison I’m in.


The fear crawls along my skin,

The air gets tighter;

As I sink to defeat…


4 thoughts on “Defeat

  1. Gordon Freeman says:

    Great poem! The struggle and the feelings you express so accurately. Although I have to agree with ‘purple’ that an “anti-defeat” poem would be great, both for us (as your readers) and I think for yourself too.

    I find that thoughts and feelings attach themselves to words and phrases or images in my mind and these can act like triggers. The more I fear something the stronger the trigger (or should that be lighter — like a “hair trigger”?). Anyway, so for myself at least I think it helps me to have some “ups” to counter balance the “downs”.

    When I was younger I tended to write only of my negative thoughts and feelings and episodes, but this left me nothing to feel good about when I looked back over my words. Now I try to include positive images and thoughts in to my repertoire, for others as much as myself.

    So it’s like Karma, if my words can uplift someone else’s spirits in some way then this too perhaps lifts my own — you could call it “poetic justice” 😉 (lol)

    I honestly wish you well Ky.
    May much love and happiness be yours and stay with you 🙂


    “I remember myself
    And everything gets lighter
    As I rise to my feet”

    — “The Freeman”

    • Ky Grabowski says:

      Wow, your thoughts are so awesome to read. Thank you for taking the time to share all you did, it’s a real joy to come to this blog and see someone take the time to write something like this! Any comments to be honest, it’s really the best thing to know what the readers like, want, and it brings a smile to my face! I really needed this too, thank you!

      I have written a few happier poems 🙂 I’ve been so distracted this week I forgot to post them. I shall work on that hopefully tonight!

      I completely agree, writing happy does help remind you about the good things in life. I love that you also find that!

      I wish you well as well, thank you again so very much!
      Have a wonderful day and good luck with everything!

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