The way her feelings arose,

was like the joy of children’s laughter;

so upbeat & not so neat.


She couldn’t mention,

she had no idea how to explain;

how his kiss – was something she couldn’t resist.


Her cheeks blush like the red roses,

she holds so close, while her heart dances;

just before the sweet rain falls down.


The puddles create a mess,

that resembles her life;

a storm that never seems to end.


As she begins to slip,

he is quick to swoop her up with a kiss;

the umbrella meets the pouring rain in an evening embrace.


Underneath the sun she begins to believe,

she has nothing to fear;



His voice soothes the ache,

that a terrible love created;

she wraps her arms tightly without a fight.


The bolt it vanishes with the droplets,

that meet each other among their feet;

as they keep the others key.

As love has set them both free.


2 thoughts on “Unlocked

  1. helenvalentina says:

    Gorgeous – love this, it is deep and whimsical at the same time. The like button isn’t loading so if it doesn’t after I post this, please take this as a ‘like’. 🙂

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