She & He; the Tango

The drink in her hand was a reminder of that man,

He whispered sweetly and he danced just as well;

Her heart had fallen and her mind was filled.



There across the cello was heard, the strumming of music,

Swiftly taking her over;

All she could smell was the cigarettes he smoked.



With one look she felt her lungs trapped,

That playful gleam in such a mess;

He stared at her – he made her ache.



She could feel the sweat dripping down her back,

He spun her around then closer to him;

He breathed down her neck and lower she sunk with each single kiss.




The heat was high and the drinks kept coming,

Their emotions soared; and the music was deep

Though as dark as misfortune they found a haven with each other.




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