Love Once Longed To Save

“You should see the beast I’ve become, the man you longed to save.”

He whispered the words back to himself as he wrote them down.

Aware of the devil in his heart, the memories he continued to fight as he tried to repress her.

He’d stolen her in the middle of the night,

Taken her from all she had known in hopes she would save him.

The end came to tragedy when he discovered there was no humanity left inside his broken heart.

“You were in love.” The woman caged in the cellar called out to him,

Her fingers tightened around the metal bars that kept her safe.

“Your hate is passionate, that of a man who loved, and lost.”

He swore at her, pounding his fists into the metal bars.

Stared her down but she kept her stand; weeks of being kept captive had not destroyed her purity.

She wouldn’t give into the demons that slithered around her. “You trust the unseen, and cry out to no reply.” Her words struck him and he roared as he stepped away.

“Loneliness is not that of a happy ending.”


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