Understand You Deserve More

The keys shook in his hand as she rested there, sweet and innocent.

He had foolishly allowed himself to believe; for one more time.

Love forced is not love, love bought is not given.

He cringed as the rain still soaked his skin from the run,

Running as far as he could till the memories of her calling his name echoed;

Creating far too much pain to ignore.

His breathing was rough as the keys unlocked her from her captor,

He dropped them and the sound of her freedom echoed throughout;

Her eyes opened to see a light from down the hall.

Her legs moved quickly finally able to freely breathe she looked,

Searched for him till she found him up top the roof top.

“Don’t jump.”

He felt her words slice his heart, as if the walls were able to break.

The cracking sound only pounded his ears as she reached for his hand,

Her skin was as soft as it had been when he first took her into his kingdom.

She stood there beside his side, no shame, no hate in her eyes.

“I do not, understand. I deserve only this fate; not your love.”

She smiled and linked her hands as the sun arose. “Oh when will you realize you deserve more, silly beast.”


5 thoughts on “Understand You Deserve More

    • Ky Grabowski says:

      Oh my goodness!

      Hello, it’s lovely to meet you http://shadowedinmoonlight.wordpress.com/ by the way! I cannot believe this beautiful comment, I’m still surprised. I am so utterly thankful you thought of me and nominated me for this award. I hope I only continue to live up to your thoughts and what the award is about.

      Your a talented writer yourself, keep up the great work! I will get to doing this award write up shortly. Again, thank you so much. You’ve brought the biggest smile to my face and just made me so giddy! Thanks!!

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