Writing Tips; Design

Writing Tips; Design


            I’ve been meaning to share this forever but life’s been hectic however – here it is! Here are just some simple tips to help with writing. These are only my experiences and or ideas they may not work for everyone.


These two sites, Polyvore & WeIt are the two sites I use when I write.





Why is it a great site? Well you can share and save photos to your account that you find online anywhere! If there’s a hairstyle, scenery, and or item you want to use you can save it to a “Set” within your account. It’s so helpful because the pictures never disappear or get lost. You don’t have to worry about saving them to your computer or losing them from computer issues.

I have a set titled “Scenery.” I’ve saved a lot of photos of nature, buildings and other things I want to use in my stories. You can title them in the “Set” as well so if you want to remember why you saved the picture you can label it. I think this site is amazing and so much help as a writer. I recommend checking it out, the accounts are free and it’s super easier to work.




Why is this site great to use? Well like WeIt you can like and or follow people who design outfits you like for your stories. What’s even better about polyvore is you can create your own outfits! They have hundreds of options that allow you to design any outfit you want for any occasion.

I’ve used it to create a few outfits already for my characters in To Tame a Belle Bête. It’s incredibly helpful because it saves your design to your account, so you won’t ever lose it. You can label the design or provide a description of why you created the outfit or what it’s for with each design. I think this site is a fantastic tool for writers because you don’t have to worry about losing what inspired you or what you want your characters to embody.

You can create both female & male designs. All I do to find the male items is type in “Men.” And lots of options put up or I type “Men.” In again and click on the option “Menswarehouse.com.” So it’s perfect to use when designing outfits for your characters! You can type in just about anything you want and items will appear for you to select.

It’s safe, easy to use and gives you a few moments of fun when you design what you see in your mind. I love both of these sites and have been and will be using them constantly! If you’re curious about more information – drop me a question and I can try my best to answer it for you.

On both sites you can heart / like items. Follow other users & both offer lovely experiences even if you’re not a writer.

Cheers! Xo

Here are some examples of things I’ve done or saved through both.

Weit Photos from my set “Scenes.”

We❤It Scenes

large largefgf


Polyvore Outfits Female & Male

Summer Day Outfit | Freya


Graham’s Normal Attire


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