Spotlight; Aimee Shaye


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Today features Aimee Shaye


My name is Aimee Shaye.  I’m in my third year of college studying Psychology for my Bachelor’s Degree and Early Childhood Education for my Master’s Degree.  Besides writing and reading, my interests include listening to music, watching Indian soap operas, watching both American and Indian movies (old and new) and doing Bollywood dance as well as hanging out with friends.  I like a lot of different things and my personality is made up of a lot of different things.  I can be the quiet, shy girl in the back of the room, I can be the quiet, geek in the front of the room, I can be the loudest person in my group, I can be a clown with the boys in the back of the room and I can be the girl dressed all in black that everyone thinks is either goth, emo or a cutter; it depends on what I feel in the morning when I wake up.  What makes me like this is the fact that I love expressing myself through everything that I do because I believe that is what brings out a person’s uniqueness.

I started writing when I was about six years old and I’ll never forget being in my mom’s office at the bank that she used to work for.  I wrote about a little girl who had a dog as her best friend and that day, mom taught me how to use the copy machine and I made a copy for everyone who was downstairs with her and they all loved it.  There are various things that inspired me to write.  Sometimes it can be the environment, sometimes it’s the success of a book in a certain genre that I like, sometimes it’s a topic that we’re learning about in class and sometimes it’s a line that I write in an essay or in a poem.  The second novel that I worked on, and am recently editing to perfection for, hopefully, publication in the near future, is about human sex trafficking.  I was sitting in my Freshman Seminar class, the first semester of college and we were watching a documentary on human sex trafficking and while we were watching the video, I started to jot down a few lines and it became a diary entry of a girl who was human trafficked and killed herself in the end.  Writing has made me more expressive in the fact that I can say anything and use any kind of sentence structure and it would be fine and not judged.  Also, I’m more expressive because I use a penname and so, not many people will know my real name and so I can’t be judged by what I write, especially about with the fact that a human sex trafficking novel will be the first one that, hopefully, gets published.  It’s not very easy figuring out what I’m going to write about honestly but a lot of what I write about starts off as a personal experience and gets turned into something more than that.  In the first book that I ever started writing which is titled “Destroyed” and is a vampire novel, that I wish to publish after the vampire craze is over, I started to describe a boy that I had a huge crush on and it just turned into a novel about a vampire.  My writing style is a mixture of things; it’s dark and light and then it can be mysterious and sarcastic or it can be romantic/sappy and dark with a hint of lightness and sarcasm; it really depends on how heavy the topic is.  “Destroyed” has a great story line with plenty of twists but it’s not all heavy, his background story is but a lot of it is sarcasm and light as opposed to “Blamed For My Own Demise” which has parts of sarcasm in it, it really ends up as different shades of grey.  I’ve explored love (breakups, first loves, etc.), sexual abuse (human trafficking and rape), socio-cultural issues (adolescence, cutting etc.) and family issues.  I want to explore dystopian societies in the future…sounds like I may have a new idea!

If I had to spend the rest of my life in a novel series, it would be the “Dark-Hunter Series” by Sherrilyn Kenyon!  I own all of the books (including the Chronicles of Nick Series) and I would love to get to live in the world that she created because not only are the guys gorgeous, but there is so much mythology in every one of the character’s background and I love the mythology of old religions and the way that she brings the gods and goddesses and other characters alive.  I’d also like to be involved with Nick!  I love Indian Movies from India, as I mentioned above.  I’ve been watching them since I was six years old and have learned to speak the language through them and since my dad is Guyanese-Indian it was a perfect set up!  I even learned a lot of the dances to the best songs that they have out there!  I couldn’t live without my iPod, my family, my friends and Jewelry!  Those things make up my entire world, especially my friends Derrick, Ventura and Josh!  My family comes above all though because they have been through the writing process with me and my mom has sat down with me listening to me rant and rave about my twenty stories and what plot lines to give them.  It’s so crazy!  I believe that Hamlet in Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a misunderstood character.  The death of his father drives him a bit insane and when he learns of his mother’s affair with his uncle, he tells Ophelia to go to a nunnery and a lot of people would think that to be rude because he loved her but I feel like he saw that his end was near and that he didn’t want her to be with anyone else because he loved her so much but was hurt by his own mother and what she did to his father, that he probably thought he could never trust a woman, especially because he was so young.  The one book that made me think differently about writing was The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood because there is such a mystery about the entire novel that is never really figured out. We learn why the main character is taken away from the life that she lived but the way it ended, we don’t know whether she survives or dies and so I realized that it’s okay to leave a hook at the end, as long as your readers get in a good read and can come up with their different theories because the theories are what makes a book live on.  One character that annoys me in the literacy world would be George from Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck because he treats Lennie, who is mentally challenged, like dirt under his feet and it’s so annoying because he’s constantly picking and yelling at Lennie and I know it can get frustrating but he was just overly frustrated.  I can read any type of genre depending on the rating of the story, the body of work and the synopsis on the back.  I started reading Sherrilyn Kenyon’s novels because her synopses were quotes and witty and her prologues really drew me in.  A character of mine that I do not like is Nolan from “Blamed For My Own Demise” because he is such a jerk and he is the reason that the main character is in the mess that she’s in and he is part of the entire twist in the story.  He’s just plain evil.


When it comes to the writing world and putting my stuff on the internet, I am able to stay confident in myself because it is my hard work that I am putting in, no one else’s and so if certain people do not like it, that’s their problem because I’m sure there will be people who like it.  Also, the internet is just a way for people to find stories to read easily and not everyone reads a story from the internet so there are other ways for me to sell my books and get readers.  I am always told by my boyfriend, Ven, that I shouldn’t care what other people think about my work, as long as I think that it’s perfected and that I’m proud of it because if I have confidence in my work, other people will too. 


My books, which I have mentioned a few times, are just two of many stories that I have written over the past few years.  I started writing “Destroyed” in 2008 in 10th grade with my good friend, Derrick.  We were in Advisory and we were bored and just started writing and I described a guy I had a huge crush on and I took it further from there and turned him into a vampire because of the huge vampire craze that was going on and I hoped to publish it and get it to sell like the Twilight Saga sold.  I had14 drafts of “Destroyed” until the 14th draft became my final and polished draft.  “Destroyed” is about an 11,000 year old vampire named Jaden (Davos in his Greek life) and his twin brother, Corbin (Cordylion) was said, by the gypsies, to be the destroyer of earth.  Corbin, one day, while their village in Ancient Greece was getting taken over and destroyed by vampires, decided to join the vampires and fulfill his prophecy.  He then turns his entire family and Jade’s fiancée into vampires and brings them down to Hades to get tortured.  Jade’s fiancée winds up getting raped by several guys in front of him and because he cannot see anything, all he can do his hear her scream out, “Cord!,” he believes that his brother was the one who initiated it and no one knows whether or not it isn’t.  So the battle of brothers begins.  In the year of 2012, I changed the year because new things I wanted to add in came out, Jade meets this girl named Avery who steals his heart away but he refuses to love her for the fact that she is soul-mate but I can’t give the book away because this where the twists and turns begin.  “Blamed For My Own Demise” was started in 2011 and takes place in that year since it is only a matter of a few days that the story takes place over and technology is not really involved.  It’s a story about a girl who gets involved in human sex trafficking when she looks into the disappearance of her best friend.  She begins working at this restaurant named “La Rogue” in the Village that is a bar/restaurant that is famous for its strippers and other types of nightlife that aren’t suitable for a young girl.  Her husband and his best friend help in the investigation of her disappearance and learn shocking things about it—something that I cannot and will not reveal because it’s a huge spoiler. 

Jade is my favorite character, no question about it.  He is the perfect soul-mate!  I created Jade with such a soft spot but rock-edge to him that all girls fall in love with but the difference with Jade is that he’s not the bad boy everyone thinks he is, in fact he is very caring but he has just been so hurt that he just keeps everything bottled up and takes out his frustration in sarcasm and ignorance.  Jade’s playlist was the first thing I came up with because Jade loves blasting his music while cruising around in his Bugatti.  His playlist is one filled with rock music:

  1. “Dear Agony” – Breaking Benjamin
  2. “Anthem of the Angels” – Breaking Benjamin
  3. “Break My Fall” – Breaking Benjamin
  4. “Finding Myself” – Smile Empty Soul
  5. “Don’t Ever Leave Me Alone” – Smile Empty Soul
  6. “I Will Not Bow” – Breaking Benjamin
  7. “Comatose” – Skillet
  8. “Don’t Wake Me” – Skillet
  9. “There for You” – Flyleaf
  10. “Bring Me to Life” – Evanescence
  11. “Tears Don’t Fall” – Bullet for My Valentine
  12. “Your Betrayal” – Bullet For My Valentine
  13. “Lies” – Evanescence
  14. “My Last Breath” – Evanescence
  15. “All Hope Is Gone” – Slipknot

I have had plenty of trouble writing about Corbin because I wasn’t going to have a twist that involved him but my friend Derrick wanted there to be a twist and when I began writing the twist, I fell in love with it and Corbin and so there will be a second book to “Destroyed” which I am working on at the moment.  Jade is always in awkward situations since he is so closed off and so I actually wrote, and added to the book, the most awkward situation he could ever go through and it’s in English class while he is reading a poem he wrote for the homework assignment and he blurts Avery’s (the main female character who is his soul-mate) name out accidently and the whole class stares at him. 

I have a lot of books so promoting them in a sentence is really hard but here goes:

Blamed For My Own Demise – A tale of lost innocence and identity that was stolen away and the struggle to get it all back.

Destroyed – A novel that travels through the life of a lifeless vampire who has no choice but to live his life which is an eternal hell to him.

My Last Breath – A piece of work that gives the reader a look inside of the question we all have “what happens in your final moments of death?”

Roads – A story that is about a true love that has ended during the last year of high school but that still has the growing flame and sparks that one cannot doubt.  How do you get through it when there’s a guy in the next room waiting to tell you all that he feels about you?

Dekker – The story of an ex-Roman general who has been living life in the shadows that he calls home.  No one knows that he’s alive and walking the earth.  No one can see him or touch him or hear him except for the one person who was to blame for his death…but she isn’t the one who really killed him…or is she?

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