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Today features
Dan Pawlowski


Who am I


Since college I have been making my way through the working world as a Software Engineer.  I love to make people laugh and writing is a good creative outlet that allows many of my thoughts a voice that if expressed at work would give me the reputation of a class clown. Class clowns are great in school, I was one myself, but as a Software Engineer you lose the trust factor if you are constantly “cracking wise”.





My interests are good books, good Music and the natural world all around.

I love science and its application to the study of all that surrounds us.

I have been a science geek from the beginning. I embrace that word. It’s not the meek that shall inherit the earth. That is a typo.


I live in Colorado for a reason. I love to hike, bike and ski in the beautiful mountains.


When I am not working or recreating in the great outdoors, I am writing. The locale of which may vary.  It sounds cliché but I do like to write most of the time in my favorite local coffee house.  Being around people while I write helps to stimulate me and then once the muse hits it helps me focus.  I have been doing more of my writing at home lately and eventually I would like to turn my loft into a writing nook. I will probably never give up doing some of my writing in a coffee house. The muse always seems to have a table reserved for me there.


What Makes Me The Person I Am


I think the main trait that makes me who I am is my sense of humor. I believe that when people meet me for the first time their reaction besides “I met him before”, is that “this guy is pretty funny”.  Well, I would like to think that anyway because I think one of the greatest gifts you can give to people is laughter. If I can give laughter to everyone I interact with during the day I feel that my day is complete.



When did you start writing?


            I started writing about ten years ago when I needed a new creative outlet. I had been into photography previously and that met my need for self-expression for a while but I lost my inspiration and began looking for a different channel. I had enjoyed writing in class during high school and college but did not see it as something I wanted to do as a “job”. I decided to take some creative writing classes and once I got back to writing I fell under its spell.



What inspires me to write?


            I love to make people laugh. The thought of being able doing that on a large scale is pretty cool.



How do you figure out what you’re going to write about?


This is a tough question. Some people speak of a muse that is constantly with them. Some people say their muse as an entity that chooses to visit at random times.  The latter is the muse that I know. Much of my humor is generated on the spur of the moment and could be inspired by a conversation I am having or something that I see. Once the thought is born it takes on a life of its own. If it has legs it can generate a good story.


Any time an interesting idea pops into my head I always ask two questions.

1)     Is there a story here?

2)     Can it be funny?


If the answer is yes to both than I jot the idea down and as soon as I can get to my laptop I am off on another adventure.


Currently I am focusing on humorous stories. I have had some serious ideas come to me but I am saving those for later when I am ready for forays down more serious literary streets.



What couldn’t you live without?  An audience of at least one: Someone to make laugh.


What kind of books do you like? I am always on the lookout for something quirky and different. If it is also funny then I have hit gold. Authors that never let me down in that regard are Christopher Moore and Terry Pratchett. Neil Gaiman is also awesome but without the humor.



Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?


            Write, Write, Write.

            Never Doubt Yourself.

            Never assume there is nothing you can learn.


Tell us about your book [s]

            I am in the process of polishing up my first book of fiction “Fortunate Son”. Without spoiling anything the basic premise is that the year is 1969 and a fairly well known son of a powerful man goes on a short leave from the military.  He attends a party at his alma mater, gets caught up in a physics experiment and by accident is sent back to 1787.  Once there he has to track down Ben Franklin and enlist his help. Can he get back to 1969 before he is considered AWOL or before altering the course of U.S. history?

  The book has just gone through proofreading and I am addressing comments from that.  Once I finish final edits, well final for now, I will attempt to find an agent and explore self-publishing.

 My full time job usually consumes more hours than the usual full time job so “Fortunate Son” has been close to 8 years in the making.

In your book (s) what had been the hardest challenge you’ve faced so far?

            The biggest challenge for me was advancing the plot while avoiding predictability and drawing out some laughs.  I believe I met those goals. Of course I also think I am the funniest guy I know. My family on the other hand just looks at me and shakes their heads 😉

Promote Your Books In a Single Sentence.

Opening a book of mine is like relaxing outside when a giant fruit basket containing a party, complete with a live band, falls into your back yard and invites you in.

What are you working on now?

By the time I finished the story for “Fortunate Son”, I had a totally unrelated idea for a second book.  I am working on that between edits to “Fortunate Son”. The working title is “Persecution Complex”. It is about a nun resurrected from the dead.  It should be cathartic to write and a fun read. No really, a story about a dead nun can be funny.

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