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Chantal Bellehumeu​r






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About you;

Tell us about yourself

I always loved to write but never thought about publishing anything until a friend of mine told me I should.

Before that, I was more interested in acting. I performed in a couple of amateur stage showed and joined a Youth run Theatre Company. I was also an extra in a few commercials, TV shows and movies.

My love for acting soon got replaced with the love for my son. I made him my number one priority. I found it easier to write on my spare time than to work around other people’s schedules to act. I found that I had to use some of my acting training to write since I had to put myself in the shoes of the characters I created.

I write a bit of everything; Horror is more ME, but I wrote a series of soap operas/romance books for female readers as well as a fantasy book for my pre-teen son. I have been receiving a lot of positive feedback and am hoping that others will help me pass the word along about my books, even if I simply write as a hobby.

I started writing short stories for The Suburban’s Online Magazine.

While I continue to come up with stories, I encourage my son to so some writing of his own since he is full of good ideas and has a big imagination. He reminds me of myself as a child.

I’ve also done a little bit of modeling for fun.

I am a single mom and feel very lucky to have Aidan in my life.

 Share with us some of your interests:

Aside from writing, I like to read, watch movies, go to Broadways when I can, paint, do crafts. I love doing anything that is artistic.

What makes you the person you are?

I have always been very creative and my parents encouraged me to develop that side of me.  When I feel inspired by something, whether it be writing or art, I get really into it.  I life to be different.  

About your writing;

When did you start writing?

When I was a child.  We used to do writing projects in school, but I loved to create my own books even at home by stapling pieces of papers together.

What inspires you to write?

Mostly life in general, and sometimes my dreams.

How has writing change you as a person?

I sometimes get lost into my fictional world.

How do you figure out what you’re going to write about?

I never just randomly decide that I am going to write.  I write when inspiration hits me.  Sometimes I just write notes and later on it will give me an idea for a story.

What is your writing style like?

I write a bit of everything so I don’t really have a style.

What topics have you explored in your writing?

I wrote about so many different things!  

I have a series of fictional diaries that explore the mind of a woman who has bad luck with men but eventually finds romance.

My horror novel Just.Another.Common.Killer is mainly based on Jack the Ripper.  

I wrote some eerie short stories about various things such as being trapped inside a castle, a woman who believed a doll is a real baby, a girl being able to predict people’s deaths by looking at their auras…

My fantasy novel revolved around a secret world that is kind of backwards.  The title of the book is actually the word backwards in reverse.

I also wrote a fictional book about Colitis when I was first hospitalised with the illness because I was desperate to make people understand what I was going through.  Since then, I wrote a full article on the subject, which was published in the local community newspaper.

What topics would you like to explore in the future?

I’ve been told I should write a finance book because I am good at budgetting, but that would bore me.  I like writing fiction.  I want to continue writing family oriented short stories for The Suburban Online Magazine because people had gotten attached to my characters. but if I had the chance I think I would like to play around with a horror theme again; maybe write about vampires or something like that this time.

 Adding something else;

If you spend the rest of your life in a novel or novel series, what novel would it be and why?

As much as I love reading and watching horror, I would not want to live in a horror story.  I think I would like to live in a fantasy novel as a fairy or an elf; people already say I look like both.  lol  It would be fun to live in a magical universe.

Share a couple of your favorite things and or things you like?

I am obsessed with lip balm!  I also have a large shoe collection, and have accumulated a surprising amount of purses over the years too.  I like scarves as well.

My favorite holiday is Halloween.  I like things with skulls on them.  Don’t ask me why, I just do.  My favorite color is black; I don’t care if it is technically not a color.

On a brighter side, I like butterflies and being outside in the sun on a nice day.   When it is cold out, I like to stay under a warm blanket in front of the TV or with a good book.  

What couldn’t you live without?

My son. If we are talking material, lip balm!

What kind of books do you like?

Mainly horror, suspense, and mystery. But I have been keeping an open mind since I started reviewing books,


What do you look for in a publishing company as they will end up representing your work? | If you self publish can you tell us how that process works? | If you haven’t done either – can you tell us which you would like to do and why?

I self publish in the sense that I invested my own money into each book title, but I still had to get my manuscript approved. My publishers got my ISBN number and copyright, they put my pages together and designed the cover ect.  All my books are print on demand. They are sold on my publisher’s website as well as Amazon.  I have to advertise myself with is the hard part.


How do you stay confident in yourself especially by putting yourself out there in the internet world?

I post and print the positive comments and good reviews I get.

How do you handle rejection? What advice can you offer to moving past it?

I only received one bad review so far, and the review itself made me kind of laugh so I ended up sharing part of it on my Facebook page to make myself feel better.  I know it sounds weird, but let me explain.  A man had given me a 3 star review for my short Story A Mother’s Love. I won’t share the whole thing because the reviewer actually stated the sex of the baby even though I made a point to hide it so it would be a surprise to the readers.  He wrote the following in his review «Unfortunately she ends up using morphine AND an epidural, which in my opinion is absolutely awful for a mother in labor and her unborn baby»  When I posted his comment, I had written «only a MAN would say something like that!!! I would love to see him pass a melon through his $%%$%/$ and not ask for drugs… lol» It got a lot of people laughing, and another woman (I feel the need to give her credit here-Author Margaret Taylor) sent me a link to a video that showed an experience where men got to experience a simulation of what contractions feel like.   I ended up posting that link in the comments below the review.  Take a look if you get the chance. It is hilarious!!! 

If I get any more bad reviews, I will simply take a look at all the good ones.  I understand that not everyone will like my work. 

Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

Always keep writing material with you.  Always write!   Don’t let people who bash your work get to you, but accept constructive criticism.  Support other authors rather than see them as competition.

Featuring your work and or upcoming work;

Tell us about your book [s]

Who is your favorite character and why? [If you can share without spoiling your work]

Jack, because he is mainly based on Jack the ripper, but in modern times.  I feel that I have created the worst possible killer.

What character do you hope readers understand?

I hope they understand all of them, otherwise I did not do my job as a writer.

Do you have a favorite part of your own book (s) ?

Ever time Veronica is sarcastic about men in my series of fictional diaries.

Have you had trouble writing about any of your characters?

It was a bit hard to write about Jack at times because I had to put myself in the frame of mind of a serial killer.

What would you like readers to get from your book (s) ?

If they can simply enjoy reading my books I will be happy.

What do you to for marketing?

Nowadays, I mostly do online marketing.  I have a Facebook page people can follow and I also have a Goodreads account where people can read or write reviews. I also do interviews when the opportunity comes up.

Promote your books in a sentence or less :)

7 Novels (Romance, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery,) available to purchase on Amazon + short stories published in The Suburban Online magazine where you can read for FREE.

What are you working on now?

Another short story for The Suburban Online Magazine.

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Chantal Bellehumeur’s links; 

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Here is the direct link to my US Amazon Author page, where you can also buy my books.

Here is the direct link to the Canada Amazon page, where you can buy my books.


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