Guest Blogger; Serenity Valle → Something funny happened on the way to the publisher

 Guest Blogger is proud to feature; Serenity Valle – this is their own work and not that of Ky Grabowski. Guest Blogger is another type of promotion that allows guest blogger to write a piece in which I post on my own blog to invite new people to their work. Enjoy!


Like many authors today, I don’t get to just sit down and write whenever I want. I’m not complaining mind you, I wouldn’t change things for all the fame or money in the world!

Being an author with a small child can be a challenge, let me walk you through a day in the life. I won’t say a typical day, because no day is the same as the one before.

Now, some people have cats that wake them, meowing loudly for food or water, me, I have a 20 month old toddler who rolls around on my face until I get up (my cat just waits until I’m heading downstairs then zigzags in front of me all the way down). We head downstairs and I get him some milk and make me some coffee. I’ve discovered that he too likes coffee and have, on more than one occasion, found him sneaking sips from my favorite steam-punk pirate mug.

I usually check Facebook and email first then get started on whatever writing or editing project I’m currently working on. During the school year, my little guy will stand on his chair looking out the window, watching the buses and kids. Now that it is summer, and there is much less to watch, he will climb up into my lap to “help” me.

Sometimes, he helps when I have gotten up to get more coffee. That usually turns out looking something like “My name is Serenity. I suppose I am your normal, everyday typew;dkngtk4ranvfjadoip  3292-55fdsanklgj a 094we-w ;xlamga”

Then it is nap time. Sometimes. We have a tradition of watching a show on Hulu while he is getting sleepy, so I will pause my writing and watch a show with him. IF he sleeps, I get a whole hour, sometimes hour and a half to type furiously. However, there are also dishes, laundry, floors wanting swept and other mundane household tasks that call out to me. “Get me done while you can!” I try to ignore their pleas and sometimes am successful, other times, not.

By this time, I realize it is early afternoon and I haven’t set anything out for dinner. Housework eventually gets done and I get back to writing/editing.

On weekdays, my husband, who is an engineer-by-day/writer-by-night arrives home. We have dinner. After dinner, we clean up, play and get my wee one ready for bed. Three or so hours later, I am finally able to get back to writing! How I have managed over 4,000 words in one day working like this, I have no idea!

Finally it is sometime between midnight and two and I go to bed so I can get up at 6am and start all over again. I love it. J

My first book The Fantastical Life of Serenity: A collection of short stories about what could be… but not quite is, releases 2 July for Kindle, Nook and other eBook platforms. Connect with me on any of the following social media sites for links to the books when they come available.




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4 thoughts on “Guest Blogger; Serenity Valle → Something funny happened on the way to the publisher

  1. didreyjones says:

    Dear Ky, thank you for visiting my blog. As you I have a boy of 19 months and an engineer for husband. We have a lady who clean the house, but I have to work all day to pay the lady. Luckily we know her very well, so we can be quiet about how is the baby when we are working. I write novels too, but from 12 to 1 a.m because we make the baby sleep at 11 pm. As yours, my baby loves my pc. I love cats too but I do not have one now. It was really painfull the death of my last one.
    So, I hope you enjoy my last entry because it is about a girl and a cat. I published it in my page before knowing who you were. Isn´t it a wonderful coincidence? Luckily life is full of them.
    Well, I have to say bye for now. It is very nice to know you are there, so lets be in touch.
    Big kiss. Diane.

  2. sknicholls says:

    LOL…too funny, my three yo granddaughter does the same to me when I am on computer. My daughter has two, and some days she is quite psychotic over it. WE love the babies but they are a handful.

  3. Lyn says:

    That usually turns out looking something like “My name is Serenity. I suppose I am your normal, everyday typew;dkngtk4ranvfjadoip 3292-55fdsanklgj a 094we-w ;xlamga”. That, my dear Serenity, just about says it all 😀

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