Guest Blogger; Val Vogel

Guest Blogger is proud to feature; Val Vogel – this is their own work and not that of Ky Grabowski. Guest Blogger is another type of promotion that allows guest blogger to write a piece in which I post on my own blog to invite new people to their work. Enjoy!


An old quotation from various sports’ circles, involving sudden changes of direction and unexpected activities, is “Keep your knees bent!” Perhaps cliche’ for atheletes, I think it applies to all of us.

This became my Dad’s favorite expression as we went through our own teenager years, and again as he watched his kids, our generation, raising/surviving/learning-from our own teenagers. For any still facing these times, have fun, and “keep your knees bent!”

Flexibility and the ability to make quick changes in direction has become a life principle for me, as well. There are many other favorite motto’s, worth a quick mention at this time, such as:

“This, too, shall pass.”
“Easy does it.”
“Live and let live.”

Back to ‘keeping ones’ knees bent’, to me, this means taking life’s circumstances in stride, as best as possible. We have all faced natural disasters, like hurricanes, (Katrina a big one for us), wild fires, severe drought, horrible tornados, and/or floods. We also face illness, aging loved ones, aging-selves, and death. Most aweful, to me, are the human-made tragedies, whether shootings, war, or a hundred forms of selfish, sick and abusive behaviors by people, sometimes by those we thought could never do such things.

Wow, so what do we do about it? Flexibility, alone, just isn’t enough, though still important. We need a network of friends, hopefully people to bond with and enjoy, beyond the first visits. We need hope in ourselves, for our families, especially for next generations. For me, I look at the next generations, (X, Y and ?), feeling proud to see so many smart, fun, creative and responsible young people.

For much of my life, a faith-community has been important, having people to “share with” at a deeper and more vulnerable level. They have known me/us pretty well, and I/we have known and cared about many of them. Overall, I am very grateful for the family, friends and colleagues of my life. Even tough times are easier with people and a faith to lean on.

Since this turned so serious, it seems worth saying that “joy” and “fun” and “love” are also part of this amazing mix, we call life. From Mardi Gras to the Mediteranian, from socker fields to dance reviews, there are so many activities to be engaged in and enjoy. Remember that family, (and friends), are the ones who show up for things, especially important events.

“Faith, hope and love, remain, and the greatest of these is love.” This is one more favorite quote of mine, and I hope you can apply it to your own life. Enjoy, and remember that ‘keeping knees bent’ may help!





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