Spotlight; Val Vogel, CLU, ChFC


Here’s what Spotlight is about; it’s an interview that promotes you! It will feature questions that are formatted to your needs. Questions will be focused on your work, upcoming work and some personal [but not intrusive] questions for your fans to get to know you more!

Today features Val Vogel, CLU, ChFC


About your writing;
When did you start writing?
Highschool, really, with poems and my diary!   This latest book was a little over a year in the writing.
What inspires you to write?
Life moves me.   I am grateful for so many blessings in love, health, family, friends and a business I enjoy!
How has writing change you as a person?
Writing helps me to me more reflective, and also to challenge myself to see if I live what I write.
Adding some fun;
If you spend the rest of your life in a novel or novel series, what novel would it be and why?
The Dream Game: Synergy for Life’s Dilemmas!  This comes from early adulthood, with a vision for a trilogy and the actual game to go with .
Share a couple of your favorite things and or things you like?
Coffee, (especially with chicory); cuddling;  Sci- Fi/Fantasy; helping others .
What couldn’t you live without?
What book do you think is misunderstood?
Brothers’ Karamatzav—at least I
don ’t understand it!!
Have you read anything that made you think differently about writing?

Germinal, in the time of “Realism”, by Emile Zola… powerful story!
Is there a book that you think readers should check out aside from your own?
Certainly need to read A Matter of Resistance, by Ray Vogel!
What do you look for in a publishing company as they will end up representing your work?

Affirmation; efficient task-management; creative marketing
How do you stay confident in yourself especially by putting yourself out there in the internet world?

My life has been an adventure, and I have a lot more to give.  But, I do have eat well, exercise regularly, and have to take “deep breaths”, in a way of letting go of stress …
How do you handle rejection? What advice can you offer to moving past it?
Cry!  Take deep breaths;  look for new opportunities;tend to be optimistic
Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

Enjoy every day, even knowing the challenges are just part of it; find out what is most important at the deepest level of your personhood … .learn from mentors …
Featuring your work and or upcoming work;
Tell us about your book [s]

Broker Executive is a handbook for business owners in how to work with and what to expect from their insurance broker in the areas of business, estate and retirement planning.
What made you want to write this piece?

My son, Gregory, is in our third generation agency;  we often talk about what separates the top insurance brokers from the pack.
What do you hope readers understand?
We can do what we do better, for the
sake of those we work with.
We can and need to do things the right way!
Do you have a favorite part of your own book (s) ?
  The cover!   Besides that, the questions for business owners to ask, as well as questions to expect from their life insurance broker is the most practical aspect .

Have you had trouble writing about sections in your book?

Hmm, maybe that I am not sure how “life insurance broker” sounds versus “insurance broker” .

What would you like readers to get from your book (s) ?
Practical confidence to do the appropriate planning they need to do for their businesses .
In your book (s) what had been the hardest challenge you’ve faced so far?
I am walking a fine line between giving specific advice and simply offering suggestions , and to be very fair and accurate in my presentation of ideas.
How is this world a better place because of your books? Nice idea, and I hope it will be picked up by some business ethics blogs, as well as universities that teach courses in Business Ethics, (i.e. Loyola University Institute for Ministry)
If you could learn something from your own books what would it be?
  This is already a challenge, to live and practice what I “preach”, (or have written) !
What do you to for marketing?

Leave that to AEC Stellar!   Oh, and I am looking for any well-followed bloggers in Business Ethics.  Any suggestions??
Did you learn anything new when you wrote your book [s]?

Honestly, I learn more every day;  it’s the parts I forget that worry me! lol (Hopefully not important things … .)

Promote your books in a sentence or less 🙂
Broker Executive is intended as a practical set of guidelines on several important aspects of business planning with life insurance and other financial products, as well as specific questions to ask one ’s insurance broker on these strategies.
What are you working on now?
I am hoping to engage the ‘bloggisphere’ regarding business ethics, and also hope to write a practical guide book for young people as they first have to grapple with insurance issues …

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