Journey of The Mind; Adrianna Davis » Book Review

Journey of The Mind; Adrianna Davis » Book Review


Journey of the Mind by Adrianna Davis is a poetry book featuring themes of love, pain, beauty, confidence, relationships and more. Published in the USA by a hard working wife & mother of two, Adrianna showcases in her book inspiration.

The poems are written to help inspire, and hopefully heal others through words. Each poem brings its own meaning. As you read through the poetry you can identify at some point or another with the poems.

The cover is also very nice; it features a young girl walking down the train tracks and is colored in black and white. I think it’s very fitting the poetry inside the book as it showcases a journey from the writer to reader. The black and white theme is a nice choice as the saying goes. “Not everything is black and white.”;  especially when you’re writing about issues such as fitting in, bullying, love and more.

Real issues are discussed through creative wording and provide a good read. I enjoyed sitting down to read the poetry. It was different for a read, shorter too and while it was not a full blown storyline it held many different tales.

I recommend this book if you’re looking to write poetry, or want a short read. It also is great if you want to enjoy poetry that touches on real life issues that are put into a creative format.

I have to add that while this book can be seen more like a journal it’s wonderful that Adrianna took the time to share what might be in someone’s actual journal. It offers truths without revealing too much detail like diaries can. I’ve never read a book that is styled like this but it was a nice change and interesting.

Lastly I found this book to be great especially because of the hard work Adrianna has put into it. Each page, each poem and each word show true feelings.


Overall Rating; 3 /5




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