Wonderful Wednesday

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Wednesday’s are officially going to be “Wonderful Wednesday!”



What is this exactly?

Well I’ll be sharing a few wonderful things from around the world. Good things, things to cheer you up, inspire you or make you feel good at humanity in general ha-ha.  I thought we all see so much negativity and why not showcase that and keep the good flowing! If you find something awesome you want to share, email me at AuthorKyGrabowski@Live.ca with the subject line Wondeful Wednesday.




Bikers offer support to child abuse victims

A great article I read this week featured BACA, Bikers Against Child Abuse. They’re a group of bikers that offer their services to children of abuse and make sure the child feels secure and safe. I thought this was a great read and very sweet of these bikers to devote their time and hearts to such a cause.

Article; http://www.azcentral.com/news/azliving/articles/2012/07/13/20120713bikers-against-child-abuse-make-abuse-victims-feel-safe.html

Site; http://bacaworld.org/



Man Proposes to His Girlfriend with Custom Shoes that Say ‘Marry Me’

Here’s a cute little site that offered this adorable story featuring a proposal. I thought this was so sweet and in the video you can see they truly are happy together. The video is in the link below!

Story & Video; http://www.happynews.com/news/8282013/man-proposes-girlfriend-custom-shoes-say-marry.htm




Erika Brannock, Boston Bombing Victim Who Lost Part Of Her Leg, Reunites With Her Preschool Students

Erika Brannock sadly lost her leg during the Boston Bombing. Thankfully with the help of many others especially the woman who saved her Amanda North, she’s working hard to move forward. Last Friday she was reunited with her preschoolers and it was a beautiful gathering, showing how wonderful people can  be when they unite to show support. No one cared about her leg – they were just happy to see Erika alive and smiling.

Article; http://huff.to/1dn7s0u


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