No Misery In Heaven

Clean hands – so soft, so sweet

Pure & innocent, like the heart of a child.

A touch of heaven among the misery featured in the paintings on walls.

Loss of sound, fading of breathes.

The slipping of darkness as cold as winter nights.

A shiver, oh dear is it ever bitter – it sours memories.

The rise & fall an image to behold you should see,

gentle movements & quite laughs stir the room.

Keeping spirits alive before popping the high and allowing eyes to drift to the sky.

Red & blue – fast too win, slow to go.

Loud and bold just like the people who come and go.

Control and tension tighten as the rest strength to fight this war.

A shock, a jerk – now the eyes become blind.

Cries become screams with the stomping of feet, dust behind.

Tears become fountains that drown sorrows as hope becomes light in the night.

Cold stone cracks begin to harden with pain.

Under the wrath the God’s strike down in fury and loss.

Sparkles in the gloomy surface, shine with love,

Hours have passed and it’s been so long since footsteps have been heard.

Pushing and pulling, piling and stacking take over the loneliness.

A watchful eye guides the souls home,

Finding their place to stay – they look beneath to seek your face.

Where now they’ve been welcomed by open arms and pray for you.

There’s hesitation in forward walking

As apple red roses, fresh and strong are laid to rest

With the death of a loved one, “Goodbye dear,” Whispers the heart broken, “I love you.”


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