Nerves with writing

Recently I posted a question on the face book page about getting nervous when writing scenes. I got so many great responses and wanted to share them with you all. I also wanted to talk about those nerves we get when writing scenes.

I personally tend to get nervous towards the end of the story and doubt certain scenes. I often wonder if I should go back and replace scenes with something else. In my new book [currently working on a title] I decided not to hold anything back and in the first 3 chapters there’s murder, sex and deadly plots. I went back and forth over one main character and their story – I wanted to do something I’ve never read before.

I decided if I’m going to write another book I wouldn’t hold anything back, which makes me nervous a lot when writing. It’s been fun but there’s been a big battle with doubt too.

What makes you nervous when writing? Do you think it has to do with how readers will take what we’ve written or are we putting pressure on ourselves? Why do you think we get nervous when we write certain scenes?

Here’s what some great writers said,


Jo-Anna Walker “Yes. I find sometimes I’ll write something, go back and change it, then change it again to what I originally wrote. I find going with your gut helps a lot! I’ve learned this the hard way.”

Rissa BlakeleyYep. Especially when I am killing off a main character.”

Kim Golden  “Yes, especially if it’s a very difficult scene. A few weeks ago, I was working on a scene in which a woman finds out the doctors were unable to save her unborn baby. It became too much for a while. I think it reminded me too much of when I had a miscarriage eleven years ago.

Chelsea Dalton If your writing horror and you write a scene so scary YOU cant sleep at night, you know you did something right.”

Faith Marlow “All the time hehe I always feel particularly nervous when writing a sex scene. Romance, action, dialogue, I am usually fine but when it starts to get steamy I get really nervous. I am always afraid of sounding silly, immature, or just uninteresting. I have a difficult time when it comes to killing characters, giving them hell is easy, but finishing them off is tough.”

Dianne Gallagher “When you decided to take the unconventional turn… either in character or plot. Breaking the formula is sometimes like jumping off a high board. It’s scary when you look down, but feels pretty good once you do it.


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