Book Review: Coming Back to You → Devon Youngblood

Book Review 


 Coming Back to You by Devon Youngblood is a self published New Adult Romance that was released July 22nd featuring 128 pages at $2.99 [B00E4Q99HG]

The Book

***New Adult Romance***

Twenty-three year old Maura is still coping with her parents’ sudden death two years ago. She recently graduated from college and now has her own catering business. A best friend-roommate who has been there through it all and helps make life manageable.

Until first love Pierson Hammer comes walking back into her life.

Pierson has demons of his own, after serving in the military for five years. Tormented from his past and present. he comes home hoping to make amends with Maura.

Can Maura forgive Pierson for leaving her all those years ago? Can she trust him with her future? Will she open herself up completely?

**Warning: Contains strong language, and sexual situations.**

The Characters

Coming Back to You features Maura and Pierson old lovers who find themselves back in each others lives after a 5 year period away from one another. Maura has taken her life and moved forward even with set backs. The loss of her parents has kept her very focused on her catering business and her best friend Ruby is there to help her along.

Pierson left Maura to follow his dreams and family’s footsteps. He dove in to helping his country and risking his life to do something that matters. Pierson returns home to recover from the wounds the war has inflected on him. He finds himself unsure and hopeful at the situation. Maura is the one thing that keeps him going but can their love make it past the war they’re both going through?

Favorite character? (Explain why?)

Pierson → It stems mainly from being able to relate to his PTSD [Yes folks – I suffer from PTSD. I hadn’t planned on revealing this fact but it’ll be explained later. ] I can completely understand the irritation Pierson feels, the constant and real nightmares. I know what it’s like to give up, hate yourself and push people away. I felt his pain when he hurt someone he loved because of this, and the struggle to deal with his medication along with his issues. It’s a constant battle and it’s not easy.

I’ve had nightmares that cause me to tear apart sheets or clothing, it’s scary and thankfully for me I’ve never hurt someone I loved but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Pierson never meant to hurt the person he did and even though it was still him in reality – his mind was taken to this place, I call it the dudgeon in which you lose all control and sight of who you are when this darkness takes over.

The reason I share this information so early [as I was going to wait] was due to the ending of Coming Back to You. Someone close to Pierson makes a very difficult and complicated decision to protect Pierson when something truly awful happens. Pierson was still in a raw place with his PTSD and as someone who is suffering from this I understand why people make decisions and withhold information. Now that doesn’t make it better or make me feel great but when decisions like that are made out of love I try to understand where this person is coming from. People love us and in their eyes – protecting us from the truth is something they can do and truthfully believe they’re helping. That I can never hate or stay mad at someone for. With time when the truth is out – healing can begin on a new level but Pierson could have very well went off the edge to never return with the state he was in.

I understand this decision and while I hope that if the truth eventually came out – Pierson could later on understand why it was made, and heal. I too read the ending and thought “No! Why?!” One – how could this happen to him after all he’s done? Two – That’s not fair to him.

However I took a moment and realized as I read on why the decision was made. I myself make decisions to protect my loved ones because of my mental illnesses. Sometimes it’s best. While it’s probably still classified as a lie – my loyalty to the happiness of my loved ones is greater then the truth of my dark times. I hope you keep in mind this story when you read Coming Back to You and even if you still don’t agree with the decision made in the end – at-least maybe you can understand.


Opinion / Recommendation

Coming Back to You was an enjoyable read, it touches on important issues and makes you hope for the best. I am thankful to Devon Youngblood for giving this this free ebook copy in exchange for the review. I am glad I got to do so. It moves along quickly but gives you enough detail to feel apart of the story. I also liked that Devon tackled the issues of PTSD [as explained above] and writing in the POVS of both characters. It’s interesting to see one person write two different minds and genders. I felt she did a great job as I could figure out who I was reading when POVS switched.

Final assessment

Coming back to you was a great read, short but not simple. It touched on real issues and I had a great time reading this book. Overall I had no complaints and appreciate the hard work Devon put into her book. The cover is gorgeous too!

I think it’s well worth a read even if not your normal genre. I think changing authors up and reading new work is a great tool especially for writers. I believe you can learn something from anything. I recommend this book to anyone but if your interested in mental illness, old lovers with history and or books that touch or deal with the military I would get this book.

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