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Book Review

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The Widows Warning is a fantasy book from Thomas Hill Publishing by Jamie Tinker in 2013 on June 16th.



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The Book

A young woman on the run for murder finally reaches the only asylum that might save her from the Interrogator, just to refuse its protection. Faced with magic she never believed existed, she must find the truth while her lifelong friend searches for answers and a way to save himself– from her.

The Characters

All the characters were a great addition to the story. There’s a lot of interesting subplots and interactions between them all. I can’t pick just one to talk about but I can tell you that each character has a story and you need to really read the book to begin to understand.

Serina & Thoren are our two main characters who’s banter between each other is funny, sweet and real. They offer a great friendship and the dialogue between them flows well. I loved reading their interactions.

They both are on this adventure together, habor secrets that you don’t see coming and leave you wanting things to work out.

Opinion / recommendation

I recommend this book because I had to keep reading to understand. Jamie gives us teasers into the story on each page, leaving you having to flip to the next to know more. It’s a book that’s filled with adventure and magic. I’m really good at predicting what happens in books but there were some surprises in this one I didn’t see coming. It was fantastic and helped me enjoy the book even more!

The Widows Warning has several stories going on inside in it’s pages which keep you entertained. The characters lean on each other and bring forth a great tale, I for one really enjoyed all the different characters and getting to know their stories. It hardly left me with any questions.  18080325

There are some huge plot twists in this book among the magic, danger and romance. I suggest if your into books that leave you wanting more, surprised and unsure of characters then The Widows Warning is for you! I am so happy Jamie gave me this free ebook copy to review because I am very excited to read the future books in the series. Jamie works well with words and story, I praise his ability to create more than one story – and keep me interested.

The magic aspect was fantastic, the family involvement was a neat twist you don’t see much in books now a days and the little bits of romance made it one enjoyable, recommended book to read.

4 out of 5


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