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Hey guys, Ky here! Amber was wonderful enough to write this post and share it with us. She’s helping me keep the blog going while I recover from surgery! I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I did. It was a fantastic read  – great insight into her soon to be released book!



Amber Forbes AuthorWhen Stars Die and Its Concept of Witches


I want to thank Ky for hosting me on her blog. I’m glad to do it!


When Stars Die was born from the idea that I wanted to write about witches. I was fascinated by witches in my younger years for reasons I can’t currently remember. I remember tearing through books that involved the Salem Witch Trials and other books that involved witches and wizards and all manner of magical creatures. But what I never saw were fiction books that explained why some were witches and why others weren’t. Or why witches were so feared during the Salem Witch Trials, except for being some supposed demon of the devil.

So I decided to create reasons of my own. In The Stars Trilogy, witches are born of the Seven Deadly Sins, so in order for a witch to be born, one or both parents must commit a Seven Deadly Sin for a prolonged period of time. They are then punished with a child who is a witch. And witches are hated because their religious text tells them to hate witches—so I didn’t come up with a concrete reason, other than they’re practically brainwashed to hate them. I also have my witches only have one power, which is fire. And the only reason that fire exists is to mark a witch; thus, if someone casts fire, everyone will know that someone is a witch and that that person should be shunned—or worse, killed.

When witches die, they don’t go to hell or to any heaven, which is Paradise in my book. They die and become creatures called Shadowmen, who serve Deus in the afterlife. Being a Shadowman is supposed to be a gift for enduring suffering in life, but Shadowmen are also reminded who they serve by being cursed with Maladies, which are unending weaknesses that they had in life. For example, if a Shadowman’s weakness in life was some sort of illness, that illness will exist for them as Shadowmen, and they will be crippled with it for all eternity.

Shadowmen can free themselves from the cycle of sin and suffering, however. But they must complete a thing called an Exaltation—essentially, they must Exalt themselves before Deus by completing some sort of trial. Some trials require that they kill people. Others may require that they perform some deed. Exaltations are arbitrary. Completing an Exaltation isn’t enough though. To reveal that in this post though would be spoiling the ending of When Stars Die and the next book, Stars Will Rise.

So the above is just a taste of what you will find in When Stars Die and some explanation for how part of the WSD universe works. I hope that once the book comes out, you’ll all pick it up and enjoy it. It’s going to come out October 22nd in print first, and then later in e-book form.




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5 thoughts on “Guest: When Stars Die and Its Concept of Witches → Amber Skye Forbes

  1. Kim Walsh says:

    sounds amazing. Did you find all your theories for shadowmen and Exaltation in research or did you your self provide it by means of your own personal interpretation.

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