Interview with Ky Grabowski

Kristen Hope Mazzola is featuring me on her blog right now! She interviewed me recently about writing, and the future I hope to have in it! I feel so special and thankful to have been able to be a part of this with Kristen a great friend.

Check it out if your curious to know things about my books, favorite characters or even writers I look up too! 😀

Kristen Hope Mazzola

I use Grammarly to check for plagiarism because a dyslexic author needs some help more times than not. And tonight I bring to you the amazing Ky Grabowski! She is a wonderfully talented author, blogger, and social media mogle.  I have had the pleasure to get to know her better over the last several months and I have to say she is one of a kind! Please enjoy her awesome interview and be sure to check out all of her various social sites!

Do you write under any other names?

No. I had considered writing under a different name but decided I would prefer to use my real name. I thought it would be easier for people to connect with me if I was as real as I could be. I was nervous at first but I know I have a great amount of people supporting me and they know…

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