Little Lost: Little Girl

Wandering within the halls,

Children’s cries come, children cries go

Swooping in and out like a hunter and the prey.

No stepping stones to spare my fall.

I wrap my arms around keeping myself bound.


Is it over yet? How would I know?

I wonder as I walk further – the waiting line discontinued.

Darkness sweeps the floor clean of memories.

Dust collected is vanished.


Gradually the good ends but not before,

Screams begin to suffocate me.

Hands grasp the flesh bringing air to my body,

Wide awake now the faces appear.


When will the heart heal?

No answers arrive,

The burning questions remains; will it stop?

Will it end? How will I know?


Fading faster the sun disappears

From the first hand view eyes drift shut.

Whispers float with the wind – a breeze chilling my bones.

I reached up above and high; instead I fell down.

Believing there was flight was a silly thought

I held the might, but not the fight,

Fiction focus distracts my mind; for a moment.

Wishing for the new – a brand if the day, that shall take me forward.


I cry out as the time closes in,

The monsters drag me down; no other way around.

I hear no sounds not even the soft whimper,

The girl who wandered was left lost

With a broken heart

Filled with despair.



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