It’s no secret people have bad days. I feel like we should be able to talk about those more often without feeling … bad about our ‘bad’ days. There life lessons, there experiences and there natural. I’m pretty sure even Budda, or God or your sweet grandma has had bad days. What I’m saying is just because they seem happy, or they seem to have everything we want – it doesn’t mean they don’t have awful days too.

Lately that’s been my life, storms after storms. I feel exhausted, emotionally drained and thought about you guys. Or people in general. How do they handle their bad days? How can I be at peace? How can I still be moving forward and trying to move on? How the hell can I bake if my baking is based on how I feel?

I can’t change or predict when bad days are going to happen but it’s nice to find ways to move on or at least relax from them. I thought I would share with you one thing I try. I love to watch movies but I hate to re-watch movies. (I’m complicated apparently) I decided if I’m going to watch a movie over and over I want it to make me feel good! I want to laugh or smile. I want to be reminded of those good days and how I can move past the bad ones.

I tend to watch Disney movies or cartoon movies because more often than not, probably 99% of the time they have happy endings. As cheesy as it is I like to believe things will work out. I want to see happiness, see good win! It’s kind of inspiring to me, I’m not sure why yet but if I ever figure it out I’ll share that with you. All I know is seeing happiness makes me begin to feel happier myself.

I asked on the Facebook page how do you guys unwind after a dramatic day. Here’s what some great people said. They made me laugh, think and feel inspired. I hope if you are ever having a bad day, their advice can help! πŸ™‚

463606_214748895348713_353196389_oMariah E. Wilson said “I sleep. Stress is my biggest sleeping pill. When I sleep I get to pretend nothing is happening and just not exist for a few hours. If I’m lucky I have dreams that I get to remember when I wake up.

I used to smoke…but that crap will kill you.

Oh, and I listen to Moonlight sonata on repeat (the first movement) It soothes me.”

Stephanie Nichole said “Jack and coke honey, jack and coke.”

Kristen Duvall said “Cupcakes. Lots of cupcakes. And baking in general.”

Stephanie Cook said “Chocolate, video games or a good movie. Also venting to someone helps too :)”

Christine Davison said “chocolate and a good book with a tea”

Jenny Coffey said “Yep! Steph was gonna say the same! But I’m Rum & Coke specifically Captain Morgan 100 proof Spiced Rum! Lol!”

Val Vogel said “Me? Usually, it is an easy movie that I’ve seen multiple times with the Sleep Button set! In the middle of the night though, it’s harder, but sometimes praying for a friend to have a good night’s sleep puts me back to sleep!”

Rebecca Robinson said “Funny movie and a good book.”

Lionel Ray Green said “Watch ‘The Princess Bride,’ because it is ‘inconceivable’ to not smile while watching that movie.”



I realized that’s its important how we move on from what’s upsetting us. Its not wrong to feel awful or down. Its a part of life and I’ll take all the bad with the good. A lot of what people shared got me thinking, made me laugh or made me feel inspired. It was great to see how other people move on from their bad days and even more wonderful to see their responses because they all united to share something positive.

So how do you unwind after a dramatic, stressful or awful day?


3 thoughts on “Unwind

  1. mshanaa says:

    Listening to Emeli Sande and Lana Del Ray always helps me! I also often sleep when I’m feeling down. I tend to dislike watching comedy shows when I’m sad – not laughing makes me even more aware of the fact I’m ‘sad’ and I tend to dislike that!

  2. Shannon Thompson says:

    I think unwinding comes down to how serious a situation is. And that’s up to the person. Something that may not be serious to someone else can be very serious to them. Basically, I think if it’s little stresses, doing something you enjoy can help. But if it’s a very difficult time and/or issue, then talking to someone you trust and/or even finding a counselor can be really important to someone’s physical and mental health. A network of trusted loved ones can truly help someone during a very difficult time. They might not feel better right away or even in a long time, but it’s nice when you have help.

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