Wonderful Wednesday

I’ve had trouble keeping up with Wonderful Wednesday and Opinion Monday, I tried to keep it as a sheduled thing but I suck at that ha-ha. I’m going to keep trying to get them out at least once or twice a month though. I’ll probably focus more on Wonderful Wednesday because well… I love sharing wonderful things!

It’s always good to share happiness! Enjoy some great things I’ve found that brought a smile to my face. It’s great to see such good things with so much bad all around us. Please be respectful. I support things as anyone else does and if you don’t agree with my views that is your choice but I will not support hate or degrading comments. Now please enjoy this Wonderful Wednesday and what it features! πŸ™‚


463606_214748895348713_353196389_oA Catalog That Believes Reality Can Sell Clothes Better Than Photoshop

This is a huge favorite of mine. I was so moved and felt so connected when I saw these photos. These people are real and it felt great! I wish businesses would try to do this more often. Why can’t people love themselves and be proud of who they are? Sheesh!

A Bus Driver Just Saw A Terrible Situation And Hit The Brakes To Save A Woman’s Life

Beautiful. I am amazed and so proud of this man for taking time out his day just to try and help someone. Things could have gone so differently for this woman if this man had not shown her that bit of kindness. Bravo sir, bravo! Your courage and hope is something people should be reminded off.

The Thing That Could Have Kept Her Life From Being A Living Hell? She Wants To Share It With You.

My heart broke and ached. I completely feel for this woman and understand. I think this time of thing affects more people then it should whether you be a woman, or man. Child or adult. Abuse is wrong, and I wouldn’t wish it on even an enemy. Her story is inspiring and I hope it helps others stand up to fight this wrong no matter how big or small the act is. Honestly a little kindness goes a long way (check the above video out if you don’t believe me)

Ever Hear About The Lady Who Spilled Coffee On Herself At McDonald’s, Then Sued For Millions?

This lady, this lady – again broke my heart. I hate when people assume they know the truth when all the facts are not available. It’s worse when the truth gets tampered with and distorted. The truth could have made life for this woman easier but instead people used her story as a joke, comedy in shows and never seemed to bother to get the whole story. I hate that so much – I never like to comment on things unless I’m positive that I can support my argument. While people are entitled to their opinions I think looking at this video – it’s still good to know the entire story before voicing them.

Bet You’ve Never Thought Of Fighting Homophobia Like These Guys Decided To

I never laughed so much. I don’t mean laugh in a mocking way, these guys genuinely made me laugh. They’re funny and I love how they felt no shame, and didn’t care about what others thought! It’s great, inspiring and simply wonderful. Its sad that it takes courage to do what they have done to stand up against homophobia. I support equal rights and have stated this on many occasions. Now I don’t know if I could do what they did but it was still great to see people offering support even … nude lol I think that’s kind of the point – who cares? πŸ™‚

A Teen Wrote 200 Letters To Get Lab Space. All But One Said No. Now, Cancer Should Be Very Worried.

Props to this kid! Bravo! I wish I could do something as awesome as he is. I’m no where near as smart but hey – he seems to have the hang of it. Haha in all honestly I’m super proud of this kid even though I don’t know him. He’s going to do great things for the world and I hope he achieves his goal and can help families all over the world with this battle of cancer. Keep up the great work! You rock. It’s also a great reminder that the kids of today are the future and I feel good knowing he’s apart of it.


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