Writing Inspiration and Character Fate

I love seeing the journey my characters go on and write to find out where they will end. In The Demons Inside, it was a personal journey about overcoming your demons. It was a choice between giving up or fighting on.

At different times inspiration can come from anywhere, it can even shift what drives us to write our stories, our characters lives and that’s a great journey. I love being apart of a characters journey even as the writer of that character, things can change over a period of time when you write. At least for me I find sometimes one characters shift in the story can change the overall book.Β 

Recently while writing I was working on the blurb, and I was stuck with trying to explain it. With the help of a friend, Shannon Thompson I was able to finish writing it. In writing that blurb it changed the entire fate of one character who was supposed to die. As I write on now, I can’t imagine not having this character in it. That simple event really inspired me and motivated me to write more. I was so interested in why this character suddenly got to live, even while I made that decision – and it felt right: why this character?

I asked you guys on the Facebook page and here’s what someone said. 463606_214748895348713_353196389_o

Mariah E. Wilson said: “I get these ideas in my head, these people, they show up and they give me a glimpse, usually nothing more than a fragment of their story. From there I become obsessed with figuring out what their story is. I have to write their stories or they keep me awake at night (not even joking) Their stories become my stories, they become the stories I want to read”

What inspires you to write?


5 thoughts on “Writing Inspiration and Character Fate

  1. hswinson says:

    There is definitely a certain catharsis in writing-even when you’re not writing about events that happened in your own life. For me, I write as a sort of release. It’s reassuring to know that some reader out there may connect with my work and share in the experience I have written.

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