Family Tree by Heather Hebert → Review

2013: A Stellar Collection  Family Tree {Review}

 Heather Hebert

          Family Tree is a short story that focuses on subjects such as religion & family. Family Tree by Heather Hebert begins with introducing our main character Layla ‘Luna’ a young adult who is fascinated with family heirlooms – which are always fully of history. 

I love that Layla is a fan of this as I am too.

As we move on the story shifts into the religion subject and Layla is unsure of her beliefs, even with her family continuing to try and push her in their direction. Layla doesn’t bite.

I enjoy that Layla, doesn’t seem to get upset or hurt over the fact she hasn’t set herself into a religion yet. It shows that Layla wants to make her own choices about what she believes in over time rather than follow in her family footsteps. As Layla is a young woman it makes sense to me that she wants to find her out footing in the world and is curious about religions.

Her family seems like any other family you would meet and nothing out of the ordinary. They have family gatherings and are very strong in their beliefs. Layla and her mother have conflict like most mother-daughter relationships go. It fit well with the story even though it didn’t last long, it makes complete sense soon enough.

The flow of the story is great & easy to follow even with the shifting of events. The attention to detail is spot on. I like that we get to see where Layla is in the world and what’s surrounding her. I think Heather does a great job of projecting the character’s journey. I felt as if I could see what was happening in my head.

Layla winds up in a situation with her family both present and past. I wasn’t sure about the experiences Layla was going through because when the story first started it never hinted at the future direction.

Though with the religion aspect so prominent I now realize how it did sneak in there. Magical things happen all around us if we pay attention – this story showcases that exact thing.

My favorite part of this story is the end and how it leaves me wanting more. I didn’t expect this outcome at all. When I reached the end the whole story came together. I began to make connections from the beginning and why religion plays such a part in Layla’s family secret.

On another note Layla’s middle name didn’t seem to hold any importance to me until the finale. As Luna means Moon but the moon can be very important in her family’s secret.

 I love that there was this twist and secret all the way through – it surprised me which isn’t easy to do. I didn’t predict the outcome at all; it makes me want to know what the future holds for Layla.


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