Wonderful Wednesday

I Don’t Remember This Pretend Scene From The ‘Hunger Games’ Sequel, But It Sure Is Awfully Realistic

It was strange to see this video take the movie literally. It was honest and well true, if you think about it. To me the Hunger Games isn’t about the love story, it’s about family and fighting for your rights, fighting to survive and overcoming struggles. This video took the book / movie’s world and turned it into a reality. It’s shocking when you realize how closely it resembles the real world.

When They Imagine Clothes For Models, Here’s What Actual Women Would Have To Look Like

Wow, it made me a bit sick. I want to believe that when sketches are drawn there not literal representations of what models need to be. I’m probably wrong which makes this even more sad to see how people see beauty, see others and in general want to maintain something so unhealthy. It also touches on mental illness – when you look at this picture I feel like models are being unwilling forced into it. I hope in the future we can accept bodies as they are and respect our shapes. Embrace them, and love ourselves without shame.

The Simple, Beautiful Gesture That Can Turn A Crowd To Love Instead Of Hate

Powerful, true and beautiful. I wish the youth today would stand up more against bullying (no matter against who or for what) Bullying is wrong, and this was heart warming to watch. I felt so inspired and wished I could even be back in highschool to do something similar for anyone who had suffered bullying over who they loved. I support equal rights and seeing this was just amazing, I feel happy to know even though it was acted – people stood up to show support! Bravo.

I Respect These Female Heroes So Much More With Tiny Waists And Sparkly Dresses! LOL J/K.

This post is full of accepting your body and loving it. These drawings are great. Why suddenly because your skinny and sparkly do you deserve more respect? No – we all do no matter what we look like or who we are. I love this post because it’s real women in today’s world, with real jobs. I’m not hating on princesses or girly girls at all! I love Disney movies (as you all know!) I like sparkles and girly things. This post shows that you are who you are, and takes this fake image and turns it into reality. These are some real life princesses, I hope one day my future children can both admire the fictional ones and real ones!

That Girl From ‘The Hunger Games’ Is Asked A Poignant Question, And I Love Her Answer

Jennifer Lawrence is who I would be if I were in Hollywood. She is an inspiration, she’s funny, and so true to who she is. I love how she acts so normal and really doesn’t care about what Hollywood expects of actresses, she does her own thing and that’s awesome. I respect her so much and admire her even more for being so wonderful about body image. Whether your a young girl or boy, what society does to the youth is wrong. No one should feel ashamed of their weight, or bodies. If your happy and healthy, then screw everyone else! We need to support one another not stomp all over each other.



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