With You

In the wake of misery, solace is round with you. A morning rises oh, how time flies. You held me in your arms, against your beating heart – I breathed in peace. I may have fallen but you kept me from slipping.

You are the stars guiding me home. A star for each step – hope for each day. You are my light in the dark, the moon above. Soft are your whispers, titanium like your heart. Strong to the bone – like the muscles that pump our hearts.

With you in my life, you have shown me so much. I’ve found my strength, and know my courage. I’m no longer a lost cry in the never ending sky. From here on I may soar, found my own wings – I can bring a dance of rays or a storm of rain. I can fight my battles, with you for my wars.


8 thoughts on “With You

  1. huntmode says:

    Ky, in this I saw a thank you to parents. From what you say, it was the spotting of an elderly couple in the grocery store – this is what I love about writing – we each bring ourselves to the interpretation. Nice!

    • Ky Grabowski says:

      Awee, 🙂

      They were just so frickin cute holding hands. I melted and it stuck with me. I thought they must have been together for decades and I couldn’t stop my imagination from running with ideas about their love story. Haha.

      Thank you for being so kind 😀 🙂

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