Book Review: Matter of Resistance by Raymond Vogel

Book Review rv


Matter of Resistance by Raymond Vogel, it is a young adult, sc-fi book. It was published by AEC Stellar Publishing.

ISBN – 0989312836

The Book

The science fiction imagining of a former rocket scientist, “Matter of Resistance” pushes technology and human nature to the limits as it chronicles our Mars settlement’s struggle for independence from Earth. Though it was written for young adults, it’s received high praise and recommendations from top minds in science, aerospace, and defense.

What The Experts Are Saying: MARK CANTRELL, PhD, NASA Orion Materials and Processes, Senior Staff: “A really interesting story that examines space travel within the possibilities of today’s technology and in the context of natural human drives. I loved this story. I recommend it.”

COLONEL ROSS NUNN, USAF Retired; former Commander of the Air Force Astronautics Lab; early proponent of antimatter and fusion-based propulsion research: “Picked up the book to read the first chapter – didn’t put it down until I finished the entire book. Captivating, suspense-filled reading, beginning to end.”

SORIN SUCIU, author of the laugh-out-loud contemporary fantasy, “The Scriptlings” (2013): “This captivating story bears the unmistakable mark of an instant SF classic, in that the science (while as solid as you would expect from a friggin rocket scientist) is merely a backdrop for a fascinating introspection into human nature. “Matter of Resistance” might not cure your Asimov or Clarke nostalgia, but it will certainly infect you with the Vogel virus. There, you have been warned.

The Characters

The characters are great; they range from young to adult. The intelligence each character holds was an interesting touch. Each brought their own style and dialogue to the story.

Opinion / recommendation

Overall this book was an enjoyable read. It was completely out of my normal genre of reading. I was unsure and often had to re-read things because of the writing style but none the less it was fresh, fun and seriously intelligent. I felt smart reading it and to me, Matter of Resistance is full of class.

I love the interaction between the two male leads, the young children. They are really wise beyond their years and we learn why in the book. It was different; I was both sad and excited about that twist.

I do recommend this book to read, it’s very organized, detailed writing and some very appealing twists. It’s not usually something I would have read but it was worth a read. Raymond has a clear understanding of how to make his work readable and still proceed with a very bright, stylish take. If your into a longer read, want to sit back and dive into a good story – then this is for you.

It’s got science, it’s got adorable kids, and we’re on planet – and it’s not earth. Raymond really took us out of this world and into another. Enjoy!


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