Guest: Julie Morgan – Who am I?

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A little about me.


I grew up on a farm in Texas. We lived out in the country on a LARGE plot of land about an acre, if I recall correctly. We had all sorts of vegetables. My father grew a grape vine and a few fruit trees then gave his hand at making wine. Well he added too much sugar and he ended up making a very strong brandy, that to this day, one sip will knock you on your booty! LOL! It’s going on 30 years of being aged so the older, the stronger! 


Soon after high school I relocated to Denver, Co and went to college, receiving my degree in computer science. I’ve been in IT ever since. I moved from Denver, back to Texas for about a year, then traveled the mid-west, to the north-east then settled down in Central Florida after meeting my husband. We’ll be married 9 years come February. We have a little girl together. She’s the light in our dark world.


What inspired you to write?


I used to always keep a journal of thoughts and would sometimes create little short stories of creatures an animals that didn’t exist. When I watched The Lost Boys for the first time, I discovered the paranormal genre and never went back! I love everything there is about this genre; from vampires to werewolves, to angels and demons. Even stuff in between. My favorite author to read in this genre is definitely Charlene Harris! I’m a HUGE fan of the Sookie Stackhouse books and wrote fan fiction from True Blood for 3-4 years.


One day, the story of Fallen came to mind and I wanted to bring my characters to life. I plotted out the story and two months later, I had my book!

I also plan to write a story in sci-fi around war, human mutations and the miltiary. I also have a new adult story lined up to write. Paranormal is definitely my go to genre, but I enjoy just about anything honestly. My favorite YA author is probably Jillian Dodd. Favorite New Adult is AL Jackson. Favorite erotica by far is Kendall Grey!


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