Val Vogel Jr., CLU, CHFC, MSW, To Publish Successful Nonfiction Book About Life Insurance In Chinese

51XOPRlFQ+L._SY300_BROKER EXECUTIVE – YOUR LIFE INSURANCE BROKER: THE STRATEGIC BUSINESS PARTNER YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU NEEDED (AEC Stellar Publishing Inc., January 16, 2014) is a strategic guidebook for business owners and executives to help them get the most out of their insurance and insurance broker. It also describes a new type of insurance broker, the broker executive, as one who adheres to the highest standards of customer service and business ethics.

This book gives business executives an understanding of the thought process their broker should go through to find the right solution for them, with an emphasis on the usage of life insurance as a business tool. It identifies some of the hazards of the insurance world, and ways to avoid them. It also uncovers techniques top brokers can use to create additional value using insurance, including succession planning and key personnel retention strategies.



保险代理能够成为你做规划时候的最有价值的金融资源。他/她能够从长远 出发,帮助你协调你的生意上各方面的矛盾——-从而节省你的金钱,时间,和精 力。优秀的保险代理会利用一些保险产品,比��人寿保险,做为战略性的财富,帮 助你的公司取得长期性的成功。他/她了解怎��使得你的保单为你服务,他/她最优 先考虑的是怎样给你的生意带来更多的价值。

这本书致力于提供一些当你和你的保险代理讨论的时候,你应该考虑提及的 关键的地方。同时,书中提供了一些技巧,使得你和他们讨论的时候更加明智。此 外,这本书还指导你根据书中对保险管理者的��义,帮助你发现你公司需要的保险 管理者。


In 1983, Val Vogel joined Vogel Insurance Agency, started by his father in 1955. Ten years later, Val, Jr. co-founded Burns, Vogel and Associates and became its sole owner in 1999. Today, Val serves as president of Burns, Vogel, continuing the tradition of dedicated, professional service to its customers and independent agents.


Broker Executive by Val Vogel

– AEC Stellar Publishing Inc.          –  ISBN-10: 1940820006

– Price:  $8.99, $19.99          – ISBN-13: 978-1940820002

– Pages: 76, Paperback, 9.2 x 6.1   –  ASIN: B00HTQ5BJI

– Pages: 43, Ebook          –  Pub Date: January 2014…

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