Movies vs Books

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Tippens ‘Tippy’ my uncle’s cat who I’m pet sitting for. Here you see her telling me writing the rest of this book is not as important as her. Haha, she’s a cutie (most of the time)

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Today I’m discussing the big talked about debate between movies and books. I’ll be sharing my opinion on the matter along with what some great people on Facebook said.

My thoughts:

I don’t mind movie adaptions. I actually quite enjoy seeing characters come to life on screen in a way that they can’t through words. When a book gets turned into a movie I’m very excited to see how it will turn out. I don’t get angry when actors / actresses are chosen if they don’t suit my imagination. I give them a chance, as I do with almost everything. (even Magic Mike but let’s not talk about that movie… ever.)

For myself, I take into consideration all the handwork that comes with bringing a book to life. The people involved and the pressure that is already on them. Whether I’m a huge, die hard fan or not I try to be supportive. It’s not easy to make people happy, especially when most books that are turned into movies have extremely wide fan bases.

Now while I do not mind adaptions there are some things I do hope happen with movies. I understand things will change. 1 – they want to carter both to fans and non-fans of the book. 2. Sometimes it’s easier to combine things. That’s fine and dandy, I want non-fans to understand enjoy the movie as much as I enjoyed the book. If they like the movie enough they might go and buy the book. (We always want to support our favorite authors right?)


Normally my desk is spotless but I got a little caught up in writing notes and research for this book. Going all out this time! (mostly on the editing, its a meanie)

The problem I have is when things are changed so drastically. I mean as much as I’d want my favorite character to live, if they don’t in the book – they shouldn’t in the movie. (unless there’s some reason behind it and it’s been talked with the author – then fine, there must be a good juicy reason for it) Something else that bugs me is when a character in the book is completely changed in the movie. I don’t mind if your hinting their the bad guy, but when all of a sudden who they are in the books is stripped off and a new model is put in. I dislike that.

Do not combine two different characters into one. (no… just don’t) They are two different characters for a reason.

Overall I don’t have too many issues with movies, there different pieces and I look at them that way. There’s so much that goes into making a movie and the process is almost quite different from that of writing a book. I think if they can put forth all their efforts to maintaining the essence of the book when it’s turned into a movie then that is all I can ask.

Here on the Facebook page I asked “What do you guys think and feel about books being turned into movies?” Read what others said!

463606_214748895348713_353196389_oAndrea Ramirez I always get excited about them but after seeing the movie I’m usually disappointed.

Jacinda Buchmann Love it as long as Hollywood sticks to the story & doesn’t make major changes.

Shannon Thompson Considering itโ€™s a completely different medium of art, I like to think of them as โ€œsister piecesโ€ – something inspired by the novel

Val Vogel Personally, I wish that reading the book before seeing the movie would be required! Not really, but there is so much more to a great book than can make the big screen, I think.


This is what her post looks like, so if you like her as much as I do – head on over to their page (linked to this picture) and show your support! ๐Ÿ™‚

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3 thoughts on “Movies vs Books

  1. Charles Yallowitz says:

    Val Vogel’s comment reminds me of a rule my parents made when I was younger. If I wanted to see a book adaptation then I had to read the book beforehand. This way I wouldn’t try to use the movie as a substitute.

    • Ky Grabowski says:

      Great idea ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s always helpful to read the book!

      Though, I think that if half of those people seeing the movie will turn around and buy the book afterwards then its still a great thing ๐Ÿ™‚

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