Wonderful Wednesday

A Lot Of People Find It Hard To Talk To Laura. So She Put Together 4 Easy Tips.

When I saw this I smiled. It’s not always easy to connect with people and not every one understands situations. I’m glad Laura continues to try and even tries to help others understand who she is. She’s the same person she was before. Great sense of humor hun!

There Are Some Selfies That Should Be Kept To Your Selfie

Yes! I always warn my siblings to be careful online. I know what peer pressure is like and sometimes how mean people can be. I don’t expect them to go running to our mother or myself but I always express to them that their are somethings you just don’t do. No one should make you uncomfortable and we try to make sure they’re aware of the reality. They’re pretty awesome I have to add at understanding how serious things (like this video) can be. Proud of them, I just wish other kids would never have to go through this.

If You Need An Example Of How Silly Our Standards Have Gotten For How Women Look … Ta-Da!

The title sums up everything perfectly. It’s silly and also terribly sad. Maybe the fact the video is humorous will awaken people’s minds more to the standards society is setting.

Hard To Believe The Woman At The End Of This Video Is The Same Woman As At The Beginning

Wow is all I can say.


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