Wonderful Wednesday

Having A Bad Day? Here Are 46 Powerful Things You Should Really Hear

This man does it again. The poem he writes and speaks is beautiful. I listen to this video constantly. There are no words I can use to make this video even better, as it far surpasses wonderful. Listen, watch and enjoy.

When Girls Are Constantly Shamed For Their Looks, Is It Any Wonder There’s Only 1 Photog They Trust?

This video was so cute. I absolutely loved how the girls and women changed from the beginning of the video to the end. You can see such a difference in them and all it took was support, and some kindness. It was really inspiring and lovely. Recently myself I’ve stopped wearing make up. It’s been at least a few months since I put any on. Not for any reason really but I just wanted to love myself for what I have naturally. I didn’t and don’t need to wear make up everyday. I like to save it for more special occasions or on the days I just wanna dress up for myself 🙂 In the end, its good to learn to love yourself first before loving anything else you might add.

A 20-Something Guy Goes On And On About Sex For 6 Minutes. Nails It.

Ugh. This man. This man here seriously wowed me. I couldn’t believe how awesome he became in just 6 minutes. I had never seen something like this before and it won me over. This man was full of support, love, kindness and intelligence. I became blown away by the video and the man. I recommend watching this even if the topic makes you nervous. The entire video was so well put together. It was full of facts, humor and an amazing man who is seriously wonderful.

Balsamic Vinegar Beer Pong Part 1 w/ Nova & Immortal (Stream Highlights)

These two men made me laugh so much I had to share it with you guys. They’re playing a video game, and as the titles suggests its beer pong. They’re also quite adorable, hope you enjoy this! I sure did 🙂

A Fat Girl Dancing: Talk Dirty to Me (Jason Derulo)

This video made me tear up. Gosh, I can’t even explain it properly. This woman here is just having a good time, dancing, expressing herself and showcasing her talent. The fact is people judge so harshly on size, not just for big people but any size. I cried because of how happy she looks, how free she looks and the fun she is having.

I was a big (and am) a big girl. I took dance all throughout high school and with a room full of mirrors its easy to notice me out of all the others. Dance helped me find more of my voice and interact with girls who had I not taken the class ever been friends with in the first place. I learned a lot about myself through this class. Most of the girls didn’t see my size as who I was, they looked past that because to them it didn’t matter. I wish more people could do the same and just enjoy life.

But, anyways. The point isn’t and shouldn’t be our size but our spirit and heart. I hate that people make others feel shame over everything in today’s society. We have the power to change this, to change the world so why aren’t we? Anyways, I’ll continue rambling if I don’t stop now. I just seriously love this woman, she is beautiful. End of story.


4 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday

    • Ky Grabowski says:

      I love that one so much! Ha-ha. He has a very calming voice and he can really read his poems so well, so much passion. 🙂

      Glad it helped – it’s what I aim to do through this! 🙂
      All the best sweetie!

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