Accomplish it

Why, hello there lovelies!

It’s never to late to accomplish something. I believe that, at least 99.9% of the time.

Accomplish it. It sounds simple enough but often it’s hard to gather courage in yourself to do that thing your afraid of. I was inspired by my mom, (mama bear) to write this post.

My mother is going (has been actually) to school. She’s working hard to achieve her grade 12 diploma. I couldn’t be prouder of her and hope she knows to be proud of herself. It might take time but this is something she can earn and never have taken from her. It is something she decided to accomplish for herself.

I think that is an amazing thing. It can be scary to do something like go back to school. My uncle is doing the same thing now as well. It makes me smile to see the both of them determined to make their lives better & to better themselves as people. I think education is important to have. I grew up to know that as the majority of my family never finished high school (or did it later on like my grandmother and mom) I was one of the first to graduate school from beginning to end.

That moment was overwhelming for not just myself but my family. I remember their expressions and looking back it made me appreciate my education more. So many people don’t have the chance to even get one. When my mother and uncle decided to go back to school it just inspired me on a whole other level. It isn’t to late to achieve certain things and I love that they are just going out to accomplish their dreams and goals.

It’s wonderful to see.


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