A Dangerous Element by Gregory S. Lamb

ADE - COVER - FRONTGregory S. Lamb is a retired USAF Colonel whose new military techno-thriller book, A DANGEROUS ELEMENT (AEC Stellar Publishing Inc., March 13, 2014), could only have been produced by someone who has been in the thick of things.

         An American covert operation to destroy the nuclear enrichment program at Natanz, Iran goes bad when a virus is discovered in the facility’s closed control network. Former combat pilot, Colonel Mark “Coolhand” Reynolds, holds the key to unraveling the cast of shady characters involved in the operation and cover up. In doing so, he becomes a target of another top-secret weapon developed by DARPA. With Iran threatening retribution and the start of a thermonuclear war, Coolhand doesn’t have time to fix things the right way.

         Here’s what others are saying about it:

LIAM SAVILLE, author of the Sam Ryan novellas:

“With a strong protagonist, and interesting cast of support characters, Lamb takes the reader on a roller coaster ride involving a compromised US plot to disable Iran’s nuclear enrichment facilities, an attempted government cover-up, and enough action and intrigue to make the book hard to put down.”

OLIVER F. CHASE, author of the mystery/thriller books of The Hirebomber Series:

“How about a rollicking, gritty, and savage tale that takes us into the bowels of our government and international deception? Once there, we get to meet bona fide characters with stories that touch our lives and won’t let us put this book down until the last page is turned.”


         Gregory S. Lamb is a retired United States Air Force Colonel who studied Geography as an undergraduate, earned his Master’s Degree in International Relations, and was awarded a fellowship in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. He’s a graduate of several formal professional military education institutions to include the Joint Forces Staff College and the Defense Language Institute. He piloted the U-2 High Altitude Reconnaissance Aircraft for most of his operational military career and held senior staff assignments with Air Combat Command, NORAD-NORTHCOM, and the Defense Intelligence Agency.


A Dangerous Element by Gregory S. Lamb

–   AEC Stellar Publishing Inc.          –      ISBN: 1940820103

–   Price: $12.49          –     ISBN-13: 978-1940820101

–   Pub Date: March 2014          –     Pages: 282, Paperback, 8.2 x 5.8




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