This campaign forgot an important detail but still succeeded

Good afternoon sweets!

Today I want to discuss a few important things about the No Make-Up selfie Campaign. Let me be blunt. It is a great and essential cause. Why? Prepare for a battle that only requires you, love and some kindness.


First: Donate by clicking on this link: Cancer Research UK or by donating to ANY cancer campaign that is important to YOU.




Not my photo but informative. Share this too if you want to help spread support and knowledge 🙂

Cancer is scary and can be deadly. I am truly disappointed in society in how they have handled the international spread of this campaign. All cancers are important to fight for. Breast cancer is so high because it mainly affects breasts (not just women FYI: men can as well) Cancer requires united support not hatred. People are suffering with cancer all over the world. Their bodies are being lost to chemicals and surgeries. We should not be letting another form of toxin to continue infecting people.




Someone I love has breast cancer. The tumors are small. It gives them a low cancer risk but to prevent serious complications, surgery is the best option. I sat with this person through the examinations, the results and held their hand as we learned about this cancer. When I heard about this campaign, I thought of it like this. “It was like seeing the canvas of a painter who fears the unknown, the blank page before them.” (For reasons I’ll further explain below)

I have struggled all my life (for unsaid reasons, for now) with loving myself. This year for me is about accepting and loving myself. I deserve to be happy in my own skin. No one should have control over how I feel but myself. I’m not saying the comments others make won’t sadden me at times. It will, it has. The difference now is that, I will not allow someone else’s negativity to determine my happiness. Loving ourselves is a valuable step: worthy of taking.

People still tell me I am overweight and how I should lose it to be happy. Let me express something quick. That is rude, but yes, those people are entitled to their opinions. Though there is, something disturbing about the fact that sentence is even okay in someone’s mind to say. I like my body as it is. I respect and love all body types. Our bodies are full of possibilities, stories and they should be full of love too. I may not always paint myself with the right colors but that is fine. There is nothing wrong with that.




Shannon Thompson, an amazing author and friend talked about this campaign on her site recently. She expressed such great points and shared her story. I feel you should read it and get to know more about this movement, this campaign and more about Shannon too. Here’s a quote from the post in her updated section that I love.

First, it’s a campaign, not an excuse. (Click on that quote to read her post)



You are beautiful, every single one of you.

The media (sometimes) forces its idea of perfection onto us. More than not: people accept it as the unspoken law to follow.

Make-up is not the enemy.(I want to explain this part a bit more. Thank you Chris for bringing up great points!) Make-up is a wonderful thing and as Chris, said below we often use it to cover up flaws. I like using make-up and there is nothing wrong with it. I want people to know that make-up isn’t the problem.

I think its important to accept who we are, and love that. (with or without make-up) When we step back to the basics, we were the definition of “unknown.” Though, through tears and joy: people still found beauty in that and even love. We were someone’s pride, happiness and joy. We should want that for ourselves too. (So go on take a selfie and be proud of who you are!)

We are human and we are not always going to like our flaws or ourselves but we deserve to be happy. The fact people decide to make others feel bad about their OWN bodies is shameful. I will not ever allow someone I care for (or even you) to believe that you are unworthy of loving yourself. I cannot sit back: I have to stand up and scream this.


This campaign awoke a hidden message. It helped give courage to others: to share a part of them that many people are scared to show. For some being, fresh-faced is being vulnerable: so it was beautiful to see and be a part of. We are worth fighting for. Something people seem to forget.

In the end, the hate needs to stop. People are beautiful with make-up and without it. The hate however, it only makes things worse. I know it is easier to fuel the fire. But for anyone who forgot they are beautiful. Forgot that they are worthy of loving themselves. I am reminding you right now: you are worthy of your OWN love too. You deserve to capture every bit of happiness you can, especially within your own skin. (with make-up or without it)

Yes, things got lost in translation. We are human and we make mistakes. However if you want to donate with your selfie – share that message too. Let others know where you donated and how they can too. This campaign with or without (an important detail most forgot to share along) still succeeded.



4 thoughts on “This campaign forgot an important detail but still succeeded

  1. chrispavesic says:

    I think a lot of people use make up as a way to cover up or disguise perceived flaws rather than as a way to enhance their natural beauty. What one person sees as a flaw, another can see as a beautiful part of someone’s features.
    The secret, as you mention, is not to let other people decide how you view yourself.

      • chrispavesic says:

        Exactly! If it makes you feel good about yourself, then it is a good thing.
        I once heard someone describe make-up as sprinkles on a cupcake. They are nice, and may indeed be festive, but it is important to remember that the cupcake is the main attraction. It is pretty darn good without the sprinkles.

      • Ky Grabowski says:

        It is a good thing!

        I hope more people learn to believe your last statement too 🙂 It’s really why I wrote this post because, I thought the hidden message was a good one to share. (even with out sprinkles we’re beautiful)

        That expression you used though. It’s adorable and really sums it up! Cupcakes and sprinkles 🙂 I love it!

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